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Very useful pack!!! Wish you lot of sales!!!

Great corporate buddy!

Fantastic corporate my friend!!!! ;)

Looks really stylish! Well done!

Looks really stylish! Well done!

Excellent presentation pack!

Very nice pack, great design :)

very cool template ! good luck with your sales :)

Thanks a lot!)

I just downloaded this file – and it says that it’s CS5 compatible, but it won’t open in my CS5 app. Is there another file you can send me? Thanks.

Oh, i see. That was a mistake of a file description on item page, but I can help you. Write me e-mail at zavrotsky@dreamyard.com.ua

or better write me email through my profile page

Hi, thanks for sending me the 5.5 version, but I went ahead & upgraded to CS6.

But now I have a question: In Team Members section, I am trying to change 2 things, and I’m having trouble locating one of them:

My client has a “curved line” as part of his identity, and I’m trying to change the “straight” angle wipe, and use the “curved line” (eps vector) of my client’s as the wipe. ( ie, replace the straight line with the curved version. )

I was able to do it to the Introduction version, but the other versions seem to be doing it differently.

Can you tell me how I would do that?

Thanks so much for your help, we really love the template. Dave

Hello! Can you send me screenshots via email? So i’ll be able to help you, thanks!

Do you have this template in and CS5 version?

Hello, we have this in cs5: http://videohive.net/item/wave-corporate-video-package/12033939 if you want lowpoly texture, i can send you it after purchasing

is this format only for MAC or i can work form windows ?

You can work from windows

in every sequence i cant add only 5 pictures or footage ? if i can add more please tell me how ?

Hello, contact me throug my profile page and describe how many pics you need