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Cool Text Animation Presets !Very Useful !

tnx man.I hope the buyers will find it for useful too! :)

Cool work. But you can also use music in your presentation.

Actually I did but, I forgot to press the checkbox in after effects and its came out with no music :D I will update the preview video ASAP ;)

Very nice work. Useful stuff

‘I will update the preview video ASAP ’ Looking forward to it. ASAP means to me one month, no longer ;) lol

I’ve been busy lately pal,today I will fix this – its very important for you as I can see :D

Hi is it possible to use these in premiere pro?

im sorrry,but its not ..

ok no prob thanks anyway

great job i like it

Does this work with Adobe AE CC?

It should work!

awsome work! and what music did you use? i aleready heard it once, but not sure where exactly :)

Why don’t you look at the description,its there :D

do we get a tutorial for how to maske our own videos??? and can i buy this for my YOUTUBE project????


you can google how to use text presets and it will show you some tutorials