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Is there any way to speed this thing up? The slowness makes it unusable.

Toggle the resolution sampling to quarter or lower will help this faster. Yeah this project quite heavy. This is the best structure I can do. :’(

Even at quarter resolution, it takes forever to update. Let me know if you ever “lighten up” the project… I feel like I just wasted my money.

I’m working on it :-)

Very difficult to use even with a powerful machine. too slow + I didn’t find how to add letters, is it possible ?

Hi Posorus, this file has been updated added a new lite version with alll new restructuring project. Please re-download it again. I hope this might help your project a little. Adding a letters will need a lots of process. Currently it’s only for 15 letters. How many letter you need to add more? Please let me know :-)

Regards Madli.

Hi thanks for your answer. I just download so i guess having the last version. I tried to make a panel with the assmebly of 4 to 6 panels but I gave up, impossible to manipulate.

Yes, in the package will have a folder New text board tool. To add more letters I suggest to use 2 comps of text board next each other, it may slow while previewing, note that this file is 100% ae layers and no prerender to give user more option to control text animation. Or toggle down sampling to quarter may help your work flow.

I tried to compose 5 comps of text board panel will take 5 minutes to render. I’m sorry if this file slowing down your project. I tried my best to make a full customizable text flip effects as lite as I can.

If I have found the better way, I will keep this update it. And free upgrade. :-)

This project/effect is beautiful, but it is nearly unusable because it is SO slow. I’m running 32gb ram and I can barely do anything even at 1/4 rez and the “lite” version. I bought this to save time on a project instead of creating it myself, but it likely cost me time (and the money to buy it) having to try and create anything with this template.

HI, thank you for the purchase. Im sorry this template slowing your project. But it really wierd, before this file released to market, it been tested on many machine CPU and different AE’s version with result not that heavy.

This template will update to a new file with pre-render (no customizable shape layer) :)


Hello, I keep getting a message that says unbalanced unlock and it won’t let me access anything because the message won’t go away. What does this mean? How do I fix it?

Oh snap, this is the first time I heard about it and I never experienced that but this forum solved on this issue Look like it happens to newer version ae.

This animation is way too slow, it’s unusable, what’s the point?

i already did but it’s the same, which one is the too lite version? thanks

In the package, there is a folder NEW text board tool lite.

ok thank you

Hey, now you can get Flip Board Text effect here:

Easy generate with script! Very much lighter and render friendly! :)

Hello I just bought the item but it will not let me drive, please I need your help because it’s so slow

how can I do it?

Is it possible to have another contact with you for better advice?

Yes, you can msg me at my profile page (right msg box)

Hello. The flip board looks very nice but I don’t hear any sound effects in he demo and I can’t see any in the description. Is there no sound effect included (in which case it also means there is no mechanism to time the sound effect to the animation)?

Hi, yes there’s no sound included in this item.

OK, thanks a lot