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Cool stuff! Love the diversity of those bumpers! 3rd one is my personal favorite!

Haha! Amazing! I really love this! Hope it sticks ;)

Nice & Fresh one! good work mate! :)

Johnny, this is asskicking in every way that ass kicking can be defined! Seriously wonderful job!!!! Love it!!!!!

very cool work bro!great cam tracking and perfect!

this should attract all music tv channels for their id’s. cool work, well done

Fantastic tentacules!

Hi man, great file, is it possible to edit the background in photoshop? The scenario are in video or images?


Hello, Thank you very much,

The background that appears when the logo reveals (currently its set to just Plain white by default) can be changed.

Regarding the whole scenario, due to file size restrictions the sequence (including the tentacles) had to be pre-rendered as one entire Quicktime, therefore its “Flattened” , you can modify the “Noise glitch” layer and the lens flare.

Hope it answers your question.

Absolutely stunning job! Amazingly done! Heartfelt congrats Johnny! :)

Awesome. Reminds me of MTV Europe. Great ideas that done have to make any logical sense

pretty little tentacles ;)

Can I just use the tentacles over my own scene?

It’s all pre-rendered according to the existing scene / footage. It will be impossible to modify. Thank you for your interest.