Discussion on Tell Your Story With Sketchbook Promo

Discussion on Tell Your Story With Sketchbook Promo

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I loved this template before I purchased it, and I still think it’s a great template! But I realized in retrospect that unless you’re experienced in Adobe After Effects, it’s wise to view a tutorial for beginners on YouTube. Then you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s going to be easy for you to complete this project. You can even download a free version of Adobe After Effects to test the software using their files in your experiment.

If you’re somebody who isn’t comfortable with the program, it might be worth it to just pay somebody who knows what they’re doing. And you can ask about that service before you purchase this or any template.

Hello markroert, thank you for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. If people never ever worked with after effects it will take some time to feel comfortable with the software, I agree. That is the way it works. And people shouldn´t purchase templates if they expect to have everythings done in an hour or so, so that they will be in time with their deadline.

Frome our experience, please don´t do that!

All our template comes with a very detailed Video Tutorial and we also provide our customers with extra video help files in case they need some extra support.

But again I agree with you, if you never ever worked with after effects it is a good thing to get the trial version of after effects and to watch some video tutorials on youtube or where ever you´ll find them.

What we also do, in some cases costomers contact us and asked for the Video Help file that comes with the template. By that they can have a tiny insight how everything works. But finally it always depends on your self choice, if you feel unsure about something you can always contact us and we will do what ever we can to help you!

Have a great day my friend:-) Regards Snow

The PDF that I downloaded came up blank. Can you attach one here or send one to

Email with the PDF is on it´s way :-) Guess there happen to be a download issue.

Hi I just downloaded this but the font keeps being replaced? Could you please give me the links to the fonts you used? I think it’s hollywood and journal which are missing?

Thank you


Hi April, have a look at the PDF please (Tell Your Story With Sketchbook Promo Information.pdf) – in there you will find all the information you need. Thanks and regards, Snow :-)

download not going above 49 percent.. tried many times.. plss help!!!

Hello, Envato seems to have some technical issues. Please send us an Email to so that we can send you the file. Thank you, Snow

Fantastic work, and great song. I hope you can use some of my music for future projects. I think it would pair well with your work :)

Thanks for your offer and your kind words Josh! You definitely have great songs in your portfolio. I will swing by in the near future and work with one of your songs, be sure:-)

That would be great :)

Hey Snow, i need your help please, in Lily version the 23 frame ( your product Scene 4_3 ) doesn’t exist like in Max version, please are you kind to tell me how to import the frame from a max version to Lilly version?, i need that scene in Lilly and is not there, :(

We Love to help :) and thanks for the screenshot. You R right it seems that the product layer does not exist in the Lilly Version. We will make an Update on that when we get back. But there is a solution to help you out. Just copy the product layer from the Max Version to the Lilly Version. (Strg C to copy and Strg V to paste) Make sure to hide the three other layers (iPhone, Laptop and IPad ) in the Lilly Version. Make sure the product layer has the exact position (timing Wise) as it does in the Max Version. Then go to the Max Folder and choose the correct Comp to place your Image/Video or Text for the product layer.(the product layer will be used in the Lilly and Max Version now, but that doesnt matter if you only use one of the two versions) (You may have a Look into the Video help file … You can also have a look into the “how to duplicate” help file – in case you want to make a product layer just for Lilly – but if you only work with the Lilly Version, just so what we just descriped.) This should do the Trick. Hope that helps. Regards and sorry for the confusion.

It’s ok SnowCake :) dont worry, i will wait for the Update, Btw i would be able to download the footage after the update? or i need to buy it again? Copying / paste from max to lilly version it was my first solution but doing that, i had some other problems i dont on wanna explain here, So enjoy your vacancy :) and i will wait the updated version. BtW are you kind to let me know when the updated version will be available? ( one week / two weeks? ) Thx a lot,

You don’t have to buy it again, you can just download the updated version and in case of problems just write us an Email and we will send it to you. The Update will be available in 2 weeks when we get back. Thank you! Take care. Regards Snowcake :)

wow great job & Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you so much kalena2 :-)

Great work! Thank you for using my track. Wish you many sales :) I’ve added a link to your file.

Thanks for your great Musik and the link:-) Oh, I wish us both many sales! Have a great week! Regards

Thank you Abstract-Labs :-)

Very good work!! Wish you many sales!

Thank you so much Elinacreations :-)

wow…. so good .. :)

Thank you gRajesh:-)

Thanks a lot Harass!

really impressive template, whish you lots of sales :)

Danke schön Eric, viele Verkäufe wären sooooooo schöööön :-)

Very nice work and good idea :)

Thanks Effects_Art! :-)

Thanks a lot! :-)

Great! Good luck with sales!

Thank you for your words and wishes:-)

Great work, looks really nice!

Thank you Jaxbond!

Wow, incredible work! I hope you will sell a lot! Good luck!

Thanks a lot Max_Z:-)


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