Tablet Commercial Template

Tablet Commercial Template

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Tablet commercial template

Tablet commercial template

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Key Features

  • 3 colorstyles | purple | green | blue (or create your own style very easy!)
  • Individual color adjustment including the background and the shapes in the animation
  • Great animation that fits your logo
  • 7 main pictures/videos promoted in the animation
  • Individual messages easy to change
  • 50 FPS ultra smooth animation
  • 52 seconds in total

Good to know

  • Videocopilot Optical Flares and VR Reflect were used in this Project. This also includes an prerendered version, without the need of the plugins. So no need of Plugins at all.
  • The project is well organized
  • Includes 1080p and 720p versions ready for render
  • Proper arranged layers for fast rendering
  • Folder trees and colors guide you and show what is changable and whats not (green = changable | orange = optional | red = do not touch)
  • Markers show where the messages begin, what can be a big time saver
  • pre cutted audio file. If you decide to use the same instrumental, you just need one click to get all arranged well
  • project is rendered in 1080p @ 50FPS in 38 minutes and 22 secs on a intel I7 quad core machine with 24 gigs of total ram


  • Clear documentation
  • Prerendered effects

Not shipped with this project

  • Font
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Plugins

Get the music here

Get the Pictures here

Get the plugins here

Get the font here

one slogan one logo and seven pictures or videos

three color styles

individual customization

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