Discussion on T Shirt Opener

Discussion on T Shirt Opener

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PLEASE make a woman’s version too!!

I have the studio booked for next week and I’ll start working on it as soon as I have the footage. Stay tuned :)

And we also need to be able to change the shirt color if possible :)

Hi, Do you have kid version? Or how can I replace mockup with kid version? Thank you :)

Hi Theme-Studio we don’t have a kids version right now but we’ll consider it for a future update, regards

Looks very nice!

Awesome! I’m delighted with this project. Simple handling and easy to customize. Great work ;-)

Thanks a lot Eloka!

Ahh…so we can’t change the shirt colors…

Hi have a problem when i open the file i get errors such as

“File” is not found damaged or unsupported

“File” is not found damaged or unsupported

“File” is not found damaged or unsupported

Can you explain please, thanks

Hi, you need to install quicltime so after effects can read the .mov files. Thanks for your purchase!

hi – how can I add my own image to a t-shirt?

Hi, just drop your design inside any text placeholder. Cheers

Hi There,

Is this file layered to where I can record my own model as a layer and the actions and backgrounds would switch on top of it?

Hi, the projects is layered and you could pull it off but I think it would be really hard to match all the movements. You would definitely be able to use the backgrounds and transitions. Regards

Hey great job! We want to buy it but we need to know first if we can change the designs (not only the text) inside the motions. Also, in which program we will edit the video? Supports Greek text or only Latin alphabet? Thanks in advance:)

Hi, you can change the designs inside the t shirts. To edit the template you need Adobe After Effects CS6 or any newer version. Regards

Hello, can i pay to have the color of the shirt black. i promote LED shirts and this is perfect promo video for my site but all of my shirts are black. Unfortunately… i didn’t read that it was not possible to change the color of the shirt to black until after I purchased…(that was totally my fault for not checking first… i got so excited when i saw the product that i just purchased) Is their any way that I could get a black… I’m not asking for multi options… just can i give you my license details and just get a black option? Please help. W

Any chance of a refund? I am very new and this is way to hard for me to edit.

Hi Mickey, you can buy customization services at envato studio, but if you still want a refund you can contact support. Kind regards

I have a general question, am i able to edit the colorful backgrounds and change them for darker colors? or is it part of a pre-rendered content?

And just confirming all moving graphics and texts are easily customizable, correct?

Hola Daniel! todos los elementos son editables y están generados con las herramientas estandar del After Effects. Si solo necesitas cambiar los colores el proyecto incluye unos controles muy sencillos para customizarlo con un par de clicks. Saludos!

Was any update released to be able to change the shirt colour?

Hello, what a great opener!

We would love to get your help by editing the file to make it exactly to our needs. Would it be possible to hire you as a freelancer? So you can help us edit this video to fit our needs?

Thanks for letting me know. Have a nice day!

Gostaria de saber se esse template dar para editar no After CC 2019, porque só vi versões anteriores do After.

hello, i just purchased this video but, i cannot edit :

Please help emergency.. Thanks

I try in mac adobe cc and pc adobe cs6..

some files are missing :

Hi, leave me a message on my profile page and I will get back to you. Kind regards

Can you customize the shirt color?

Hi, unfortunately the shirt color isn’t customizable