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How can I buy the Audio track?

Coming soon will be on sale on Audiojungle

Spectacular work man :)

Amazing work! Usefull template!

For you 5 star

Hello, you do beautiful work! I have a custom job that I need done. Are you for hire? If so, please email me, I have a 3D CAD design that I need rendered to look real and then animated with motion. I will send you all the files by email if you would like to do the job.

Hi thanks. My mail Send me a file.

Hello , I bought your template but there are things that do not work. The text does not appear as in the trailer. 3d letters nor enlightenment about words is not seen. What can be? Thank you.

you instal the font? my skype


I´ve got the same problem as Juliogus. I just add you to skype. The font is installed

Hello! Same here as Julio and Migadvertising. I can’t see any text even if I installed the font. I’m with CC 2015 and it’s written effect “Element” is missing, but I can’t link it as easily as you did because no window appears to help me reload it. Thanks!

Hi. You need instal plugin Element 3D

This project is set up by this plugin

this is a good add-on a lot of projects on videohive.

Yes thanks! :-)

Amazing work! Project is perfect :)

The element 3D V2.2 plugin is $200. You are saying you’ve got to spend $200 to make this work?

I did not understand the question. I sell the scene settings with use plugin 3D Element v2.2

i have everything installed and it works fine as is. but when i change the font the letters group together instead of staying separated. I noticed it mainly with certain letter combinations like “W” and “E”, they stick together as a group when all the rest are separated like this

“WE L C O M E”.

A pretty odd issue.

select the two letters and make tracking

hi have a problem… i cant load missing files, what must i do

send me your email

чтобы отредактировать этот проект обязательно нужно ставить плагин от копилота?

да нужно ставить обязательно

Very cool project! Good luck! :)

Hi Ruslan… Bravo !! for your excellent job !! I know a few persons asked you already but i really need found the music in your “syndicate Trailer” what i got !! it is really important !! i wrote to author but they didn’t answer me !! Could you help me to found this song !? What Ever the price ! Merci Beaucoup !!!! Sébastien (roswellcompany)

I do not have this song since I’m not the author of the music and I did not buy it.