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Perfect! Powerful and futuristic work!

Hello, purchased this a few years ago, and just came across it on my HDD and it suites what i need. Im trying to get more than 8 screens going. I have duplicated content and render comps but the images in the duplicate do not swivel properly they are miss aligned. I have put them in a 3d layer etc. Just wondering if I’m missing a step. Need to finish what I’m doing by Sat and today is Fri :/

Hi Ray, I want to edit the 3d part of the project. Actually i want to put some pictures inside the circles. How can i do with out project of 3D??? regards Sheraz

Hello. Unfortunately the template was not built that way so editing the 3d portion is not an option. Sorry!

Hello, i have byed your Project (which is great) but i have a problem with the circles in my CS6 Project like described here by user GO (does not render at correct places). Have you any tips for me how to extend the project to 15 circle sequences in CS6?

Hello, I’m glad you like the project. If you can send me ur email I have a fix for that I can provide. Sorry for the trouble!

Hi, no problem when we get the things to work. My Mail is luciver90 (at)

Just sent the file. Thanks!

Great template, Thank you!!

Thanks, glad we got u all fixed up!

Hello. Pre buy question, I see the music has been deleted from audio jungle. Do you have any alternatives I dont think I will be able to find anything by myself?

Sorry for the late response. I will update the item description to remove the audio, not sure what happened to that author. I would just search around on audio jungle for something you like, there’s plenty out there and I have no idea what style you are after. Thanks!

He treats customers how they deserve to be treated! Swivel Tilt is a great and professional looking project, and he was able to help me out to make it just right!

Thanks! Glad we got you all fixed up


GO Purchased

For the seven “flash_screen”s for the extended comp the orange circles don’t track with the rest of the footage like they should. They look fine in the pre-purchase video preview. But something has clearly gone mistakenly wrong in the download files there. I need it fixed quiet urgently, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for you if you have a minute.

Hi there, were you able to figure out the orange circles? The upload files I have seem to be working fine.


GO Purchased

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I don’t know what’s happening there, they come out weirdly placed in CS6 on a Mac. I cant attach an image here to show what I’m talking about, can I email you?

sure, just hit my profile and you can send me an email thru the hive with the images

Hi, is this available at 1080p after purchase via dropbox (rather than 720)?

I took that project from my friend who bought it already, do i have to buy it again to get the 30 sec version ?

Yes you need to purchase your own copy.

Hi Ray, Please help me as i need to extend each screen length to be 30 seconds to show more footage at once.


Hi there,

I have a version with 30 second screens ready to go. Once you purchase I can shoot over the link. The file size is too big to host on videohive so I have to shoot you a link from my dropbox.


The 3d part, do you provide rendered already? if so, I think I’d like to make it very light, so against a white background does show up but very light, and the videos would be almost floating.

Also, the orange circles, are those part of the 3d? Our logo is a circle, and I’d like to substitute them with our logo. Let me know, thanks.


the 3d is all pre-rendered. You could either use the built in controls to lighten, or you could apply an adjustment layer to lighten the levels.

The orange circles are part of the 3d, you can change them to whatever color you like though, so you could put your logo in and turn the circles to a grey that matches their surroundings so they almost disappear.

It sounds like swivel tilt will do what you need. Let me know if I can be of more help. Getting married in 2 days though so I’ll be out of town for about 2 weeks!




Thank you for getting back to me. Won’t help me today as I had to make two renders and splice them together in Premiere, but will help me when get the chance to clean it up in the near future.


Loving this template, but I need 4 (using the 4+8 that you already have … need 16) Screens. How can I duplicate the Flash Screens, so they have matching renders?

Hello, if you duplicate some “FLASH_SCREEN_X_content” comps, and also duplicate some “FLASH SCREEN _X_render” comps – then inside the render comp, unlock and replace the content comp with the correct number, you can make as many flash comps as you need – will that get you going? sorry for the slow response time, I wasn’t getting notifications of your comments via email.

Thanks! Ray

How easy is it to add the logo at the beginning and end as well as alter the colors of the rings?

I am guessing that I can repeat the tilts as many time as I want as well stopping the transition as sometimes there is more info per tilt than others?


will this show ok on a 42 inch plasma screen? i plan on using it on a tv plasma screen, i was wondering about the quality

Sure it will look great. I did it at 720 HD just to keep the file size down so it’s not blu-ray quality but it is full HD 720 so it will look nice.

What did they say?

Never heard back so I guess it’s a non issue. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ll release all the source files for $50 if you want to take a stab at modifying them. I’m a little worried though, what are your plans? The scenes were built for just what you see on swivel tilt so there’s not much else going on in there. Just want to make sure they’ll do what you need them to do.

Thanks again,


Hi Ray, This looks great! Might have to do some heavy modifications for what we need. Just wondering what 3D program was used? And if that file included with this, or is there an extra fee for that?

Hello there,

I used Cinema 4D to create the scene and then it has to go into after effects for compositing. The 3d file isn’t included on videohive – I’ll have to check with them on the stipulations involved with distributing source files.

Have a great day,



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