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nice work alex :)

Cool I really like the idea!

very interesting!well done!:)

nice work bro!


it’s possible to animate the running light in the first sign?, that lights are very cool, animate it may give a charm.


Eduardo Neves

The concept is really interesting, and it looks classy and elegant! Nice! :)

Nicely done mate, like it! :)
Best wishes!

I am sorry but I’ve been bashing my head against this project for an hour.. all I see are weird textures in preview window and the textures seem to be missing inside the files. The Images folder only has 4 pngs and I have no idea how to drag and drop them as you said?? This project is Not really for a beginner I guess. Please help me..

nevermind I had to find the textures first for some reason all is ok now

Question: will I be able to create words with the marquee’ font with this package? I only see the frame in marquee, what about words?

Yes. All of the text is editable. You just need to download the free fonts before you begin. I hope that answers your questions. Let me know if you need any assistance!

Hi, I am a beginner in After Effect and I can’t replace the 18150×10200 px background with a smaller version without screwing the composition.

It seems much more complicated to change it now than adjusting it in Photoshop before you did the composition…

Is there a way to change the background without starting over? Because having a file this size is completely useless and it takes me at least twice the render time because of that.

send me a private message and I will send you a video tut. hopefully it will help, but resizing that layer isn’t really an option….

Hey Alex, is it possible to remove the black background on this and have it overlay my video? Hoping to know before I buy. Looks great!

Yea you can.

rad, thanks!