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Wow, I’m speechless, you are a great artist my friend!! Congrats for your work!

Thanks, man! ;-)

Awesome project! Wish you many sales :)


Hello, great work! I was wondering as it is not clear for me from the description is it possible to use separate objects from this project in real footage? For example can I separate just the flying ship and attach to let’s say a tree in my footage? Or take just the butterflies and use them somewhere else around a real light?

Thanks a lot for your time,

Yes, of course . Every scene composed from many elements. There are lots of layers. Lot of animations done using AfterFX only. You can take flying ship from project and insert it elswhere. You can take insects and use it for other projects. You can insert human embrio on other background….Of course if you familiar with AfterFX. ;-)

Probably i should create some screenshots in description….

Okay, thank you, that’s great.


Hello. Nice work. What exactly is included with this project file? Are all of the 3d models and effects included?

Thanks. All 3d models are prerendered – not in 3d format – in rendered sequences with alpha channel. Every composition composed from many many elements/layers. All effects and “techniques” included.
Check scenes screenshots
scene 01 scene 02 scene 03 scene 04 scene 05 scene 06 scene 07 scene 08

I hope! Thanks!

Hi Dmitry. Nice Job.


Hello! I just want to say you are great man! It’s really great work and really great though to remember about great tools and art produced with it.

Thanks, Vladimir!

You have a magnificent imagination! ! Moderately surreal, moderately allegorically and beautifully! And music is picked up ideally, in my opinion. You – well done! Good luck!

Thank you very much! It is always pleasure to read such comments!

I really like your attitude and what you wrote in the description. This is a wonderful item featuring wonderfull techniques. :)


Amazing … Outstanding work … Thank you

Thanks for comment! Good luck to You!

Nice work! :)


Spasibo very much! ;-)

Fantastic work! Please create more of this wonderful stuff – it’s amazing! Thank you so much – i love it :-)

Thank you very much! I will upload some similar work in future – Surreal love ;-). Best regards!

sólo el feto como elemento 3d para videocopilot lo tienes?

This is not element 3d model. This is 3ds max model

yes… 3ds max.

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Awesome work keybal! :)


Hello, thank you for this very good work! It´s the thing I´ve searched for – too long. I´m a photographer and I wanted to show the people visiting my website that creativity is limitless. With this template I can send this message, so thank you very much for it!

But one question: When I replaced the placeholders (fish & eye) with my pictures and after that I´m going to render (export) it, there is still your content! Do you have any idea what I did wrong? This problem is only with the pictures, the text is editable. And in AE I see my new pictures in the project…

Thank you!

Hello! Thanks for purchasing. Please write to my profile or e-mail me keybal@ukr.net Thanks!

Waoh Excellent work…:), It’s good to see that all is not intended for business promotions …. do the butterfly scene need particular to be rendered ? thanks

Thanks for kind feedback! Yes butterfly scene requires Particular plugin. The best tool for insect movements is Particular.

Hey Dmitry, We were emailing about the big x over some of my footage…I bought it fair & square. I promise! :)

Awesome work!!!