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very great promo template, good job :)

Thanks mate ;)

Very nice! Simple and informative

Great project mate! :)

Thank you mate ;)

Thank you so much ;)

Great project!

Thank you a lot ;)

Great app promo template !!!

Thanks :)

Can i change hand’s position??

Hello hattysahu and thanks for contacting us! What do you mean with change hand’s position?

Can you change this android phone as iphone? or add iphone version.

No I’m sorry. It’s only Android for now :)

your animations look really fantastic 360design! i am especially vibing the animation for your own logo as well! :)

Thank you so much mate! Really appreciate it ;)

Hi. I bought this movie 2 days ago. But how can I delete a scene? This movie has 6 scenes you know, but I want only 4 scenes. Can you help me?

Hello and thanks for puchasing! :) The most simple way to use only 4 scenes for this template, is to leave out the first 2 scenes. Just fill the placeholders number 3,4,5 and 6, and cut the first part of the video.

Hope it’s clear. If you have more questions, please contact us using the form in our profile page. Thanks!

Fine work, I wish a lot of sales !!! and good luck!!

Thank you mate!

Can we change the Background? The Room?

No I’m sorry :( It is a single footage

Hi, there is a simple problem :( and I need help :(. When I change the sceenshot to video shows a problem As shown in the picture below And video