Sunny Day Titles

Sunny Day Titles

Sunny Day Titles is a great title card project file for any show! Great for cooking shows, nature, gardening, barbecue, hand-crafts, or any down-to-earth video project that needs cute, trendy-design title cards, pop-outs and lower thirds! This project simulates a thin “frosted glass” panel extending over your video or photo.


• Includes 8 large title panels in various shapes

• Each large panel does a full-screen swipe – Great for transitions between video

• Includes 3 side panels, great for “Up Next” announcements

• Includes 3 lower third design types, each with a left and right entrance!

• Drag and Drop! Features 17 “drop zones” where you can insert your videos or photos.

• Fast Render Time – No plugins required

• Free fonts used

• Easily customizable!

• Full HD 1920×1080

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