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Cool work, well done, and nice headshot, sweet cat


Very nice work! Wel done! I hope you will sell a lot! :)

nice to hear that:)

Very nice template! :)

thank you:)

Beautiful work my friend!!!!! Wish you many sales…;)

thank u, mate!

Nice work! Can’t wait to try it :)

I hope that you like it!:)

I cant open it as it says it was created in Motion 5.5 or later.

if you will need any help, please leave me an email :)

How do I make the video longer?

Drop me an email and please describe to me precisely what you want to do:)

Hi!!, I just purchased your work but i can’t open it (i’m using Ae cs6). Since I never use this web before so i can’t find you e-mail, Could you please give me your e-mail? or contact me at


Unfortunately my projects are not created in After Effects, I only work in Apple Motion 5:(

ohhh!! it’s my mistake then, it fine i gonna use my friend my friend mcbook. thank u for your reply anyway :)

really like your work :D

Hi. How do I duplicate certain scene(s) to extend the whole video with the exact light and camera settings with that scene? (Your template is 2 minutes. I just want to add extra picture dropzones from certain scenes in order to extend the final video close to 3 minutes 40seconds). Please get back to me ASAP. Thank you very much.

Hi KotaMina! Wonderful work! similar to ileung, was wondering if its possible to extend it from 2 mins to 3:17 mins to fit a particular song i’d like to insert with the video. Do let me know if its possible and would deeply appreciate your help!

Terrific work.. =) GuitarNation