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looks great!)

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Awesome style! good work! :)


Nice work my friend! Congrats…

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Good work!


Very nice job!

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positive and debonair! great! :)

I can’t understand how to make the plan travel to another destination. Please help please. I can’t figure out the instructions. Kind regards!

Hallo! Thank you for contacting.
I’ll try to refine

You have three layers which plane is moved:
1 layer – “path” – it animated dotted move.
2 layer – “plane path” – line guide plane.
3 layer – “plane” – plane shape, this layer is attached to “plane path”, and will follow this layer.

Step One:
Select layer “path”, open the section “content”, open the section “shape”, select “path” directory, then you can change path use the “selection tool” instrument.
Step Two:
Select layer “plane path”, go to the timeline in position between the first and second keyframes, being in this position, you can change the start and end position path, you have to use the “selection tool” instrument.
Also you will need to use “hand tool” to move through space on the editing.
As you can see here this lesson:
here everything is done similarly.

I hope all turn )

I’ll be in touch all the time, so you can write me at any time on this project!

So this template – I can make as long as I would like to…. easy???

Hallo baiaz66!
Yes you can easily increase the number of fotos/video in each place of your travel!
As the appearance of animation images uniform
Just two step
1) Duplicate the slide on Project window
2) Place on timeline, go inside slide and replace the placeholder on your photo from Project window with Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS)

Not quite sure what you ment….

One more question

I have a movie clip that I want to enclude into the slideshow and it is almost one minute long. How can I do this?

Hello again!
I recorded a short video of the process, how to increase the length of the slide:
Well as in the project there are instructions that will help you understand!

Is there a possibility to add text between photos?

Yes, of course you can

Im stuck can you help me? Skype is Bammer958

Says pdf help file but is not in proper English or narrows it down then deleted you on skype. Don’t waste your time.

If the instruction was not in English my project just did not take on Videohive