Discussion on Summer Sunset on Beach Photo Gallery

Discussion on Summer Sunset on Beach Photo Gallery

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Nice Gallery!!! Congrats :)

Cool font! Great template!

yeah! that’s cool!)

awesome work

Such a beautiful gallery! Cool work :)

Love, love, love…love!


i like this one better than your other one from last week

another very beautiful work :) Good job ! :)

Thank you all!

Good work designmilk! Wish you many sales!! :)

Hi! I was curious if it is easy to adjust the text size? Also, is it easy to add a logo to the last frame with the ocean? Thank you! Looking forward to purchasing!

Hi! I will admit, I am new to after effects, have only worked with a few files from videohive so far. I am editing this video, and have drag and dropped my images into the placeholders in above where they needed to be. however, now when i am previewing, half of my comps are showing with a green background instead of the beach video, and one of my comps has the image and text in the wrong places. any ideas on what went wrong? Thank you for your help!

Okay, I opened my file from the download folder fresh again, and realized when i do so, it tell me that it has to convert my file from “windows 64”. When i look at the renders before editing, i see that they are green screens instead of the video (for about half of them). I am using a mac, is this the issue? I really love how it looks so far just need to fix the green screen issue. I would be happy to send you my edited file as is if that would help, or screenshots, etc. Any help is apprecaited it. Thank you so much! :)

Do you have update your QuickTime version? Please send me a still image on Thanks

Music be cracked, it’s not sound. Can you give it for me?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Follow the audiojungle link on the description page.