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Hi, I am considering buying the toolkit. But I would like to know if i can use it with Italian or German language version of AE.

Hi, characters use code that cannot universalize to work on any other language except English. Thanks

hi team, I in doubt between purchasing the AE of Premiere version. What would be the benefit of either. Is there a funtional difference?

Thanks! AE it is

hi Team, question. Do you have a fitness/gym background available? Really missing this one for my project

Hi, the only elements are the running machine and the weights.

Hi.. I like your tools and want to use to my Youtube Channel. Is Regular License can cover it? And If I want to change character to other shirt like Astronaut, Do you have tutorial to do that?

Hi, yes Regular Licence is perfect. Astronaut outfit is included on the character and you are able to change it by selecting the number. Thanks

Hi, great template. It’s very useful. Just a question: how can I make my character walk and stop in a position after few seconds? Thank in advance.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Actually we didn’t do this move cause it looks a little bit unreal. Although you are able to take the first key frames of the idle pose and copy them on the end of walk loop. Walking pose is a loop so you have to duplicate it in order not to lose it. Thanks

Thanks for your reply. I will try. Best wishes

Hi, Your storynow toolkit is great. I am planing to make purchase soon. I have one question. Is it possible to change character pose from left to right (flip). Suppose the character is running from left to right and I want to change that from right to left. Is it possible?

Hi, you are able to flip the pose by setting -100 scale horizontal. Thanks

Hi guys, I’m not so confident to use AE … and I also will need to edit fast that’s why I’m looking for something to use on my Premiere. My question is it will work 100% on Premiere Pro 2020 or do I need to buy something else? Any advice ?

The Mogrts files need AE to be installed but not to be open. You can work on Premiere Pro with all the features of AE. Thanks

Thanks guys I purchased it ! So there is no tuturials showing how can I use it on Premiere Pro can you give me a hand with it?

Hi, please send us an email to

Hello I am considering buying the toolkit, is it compatible with After effects 2020cc

Hi, Yes of course!

Now i downloaded it and i have a problem, The characters is coming with three legs, How can i solve this issue !!!

Go to Project Settings – Expressions – Expression Engine: Legacy ExtendScript

Hello, I hope you are well, and I bought your template when I work the characters, after effects it tells me that the project has expression errors, you help me. Greetings.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. Go to Project Settings – Expressions – Expression Engine: Legacy ExtendScript

Im trying to make the character walk using the walk cycle but his feet keep sliding or “moonwalking”. How can i do to make his walk look real. Can you make a tutorial?

Hi, thanks for purchasing. The character contains already a pose of walking that it loops. What do you mean his feet sliding? Thanks

The character walks in a cycle, but if you want him to go from point A to point B animating his position his feet look like moonwalking because the cycle dont match the distance he walks.

Now I understood. Better is to move the background like the camera follows the character. Thanks


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