Discussion on Stop Motion Set

Discussion on Stop Motion Set

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I can change the dimensions of the letter/items without quality lost?

All the elements are in 1920×1080 composition already quite big – lot of them are scaled down so that they all fit nicely on the screen. Other elements can be scaled up to 150-200% – if you use Sharpen effect on them the quality will still be very good.

anyone use this beautiful set?

5 stars. Great project!

Thank you!

im a newbie how do I create a social media project with these

Professional motion, perfect ! :)

Amazing And Useful Elements!

This is awesome!


I have a question.

This font has these characters? ã í

Thank you

Hi, there are all the characters + there are things like ’ etc to create whatever you want

Where is the music from? Is it available on audio jungle or included in this comp? LEao

WOW! im like it! Very good)

Thank you!

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;) You can also use my composition with a watermark in your projects. I would be very happy. Thanks for your work and good luck!

What is the song that you have playing in the background? Is it from Audio Jungle?


redSticks, awesome work!

do you support french accent like é è à

Before I purchase this, is it easy to insert other graphics and apply the same effect or are these all pre-rendered out? Thanks.

Where can i buy the audio track? Please…