Discussion on Stomp - Typographic Intro

Discussion on Stomp - Typographic Intro

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Will it work with Camtasia?

Hello! Unfortunately not, only After Effects.


luke52 Purchased

Is there a way to change the font universally?

Hello! Thank you for your purchase! very simple, select all the text layers at once (for example, via ctrl + a) and change the font on the character panel! it will change at once for all words! if suddenly it does not work out, write me an e-mail through my personal author page, we have a deep night, in the morning I can help you in more detail!

Is it support rtl/Arabic language? Because it should typing from right to left?

Hello! Unfortunately, it does not support it out of the box, for this you will need to manually change the animation where it is necessary by the meaning, so that the animation goes from right to left. I have already customized several projects for Arabic and, unfortunately, somehow it is not done in a couple of clicks =) In the next similar project I will try to support Arabic.

Thanks for your reply and time. Waiting for your next project

It’s been a year since I bought it. I asked for the CS6 file. Since I did, I did not receive the email. I still could not use it. Can you help me with this?

Hello! Thank you for the purchase and I’m sorry that it happened, apparently accidentally missed a letter. I sent you a project in the mail! :)

Hi, PRE SALE question: can we put images in it easily? Can we justify text to the left and put it in multiline? Thank you very much

ok ok, thanks, we are able to use AE, so i think with just a little advice from your side we will manage the thing. thank you very much

@Mnemonick can you customize it for us? we have text, images and a final video to put in?

Yes, write me an email, please (

Does this work in AE2020? i’m reading comments having problems with the project, hope to hear from you soon

Hello! There are problems with the CS6 version, and sometimes problems can occur if AE is not in English. If suddenly you have any problems – just write me an e-mail, I will send you versions of projects adapted for 2020.

Amazing. Is it possible to make a 2 minutes lenght video?

Hello! Yes, of course, the project is modular, you can just stretch it, but with two minutes it will certainly be noticeable that the melody is looped.

very nice job. I have a question: if we have to use another audio background, all the slide timing has to be adapted to the new audio timing or not? thank you very much

Hello! unfortunately not, the project was made specifically for this tune =) But you can see two more projects from the same series, maybe they will work better for your task :)

ok thank you very much!

Hello. I just bought this template. It’s great but i still use AE cs6. Is there any chance to make this work? My email is Thank you!

Thanks for purchase :) answered on your email :)


I just bought this template and I use the last version of After Effects (CC 2019). The project contain 10 expression errors (according to AE), and have several display bugs (text not on the right place).

Screenshot :

I just cannot use it as it is. Maybe it’s time for an update ?

Thanks for the fast answer.

The link you gived me doesn’t work (error 404, even if I pull the “).” out at the end). But I think I found what you are talking about : I gone on File > Project Settings > Expressions and see that is already set to “Legacy ExtendScript”. So I changed to “javascript” for test, but no changes.

Too bad I didn’t see the your new version of Stomp before download this one (I prefer Stomp 3). As the update is not free, you should clearly notice in the Stomp 1 et 2 pages that a new version of Stomp is available…

Do you have a solution ?

Thanks in advance


Oh, sorry, didn’t notice the answer, could you email me?) (, or through your personal page.

If I want to use a different stomp music will this project work properly? Can I synch the texts to my preferred music manually?

Hello! Yes, of course you can, the project can be completely changed, but it will take some time. As a rule, it is easier to do it again than to remake another project to your melody =)

It’s been a year since I bought it. I asked for the CS6 file. Since I did, I did not receive the email. I still could not use it. Can you help me with this? Please: my email

Sorry I didn’t answer you earlier, apparently accidentally missed the letter. I sent you a version for cs6 by mail. Thank you for purchase!

Which is the typography you are using?

Thank you for purchase! :) Font – tex gyre heros (


Is it possible to use other audio ? Do you have any fast method to re-mapping the song to match with layer? Now I am moving one by one layer .

Hello, thanks for your purchase! Unfortunately not, it is done only manually :)

Hi, i have a similar problem the audio stops when it gets to ‘03_Final’ composition. can u advise me? Thanks.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I am quite sure the music is 40 second long. But it just got cut off when it gets to ‘03_Final’ composition. can u advise me? Thanks.

i suspect it is because of the time remapping in part 3?

The desired track has a duration of 1:18 :)

Hi, Great project! I’ve swapped the audio for another track (following the steps in the video) but the audio stops when it gets to ‘03_Final’ composition. I can see a time re-mapping keyframe gets added? Any advice?

Hello, thank you for your purchase. Hmm, I didn’t quite understand you, if you did everything exactly as in the video and put the melody in the right composition, then everything should work correctly. Could you write me a mail?) And can attach a screenshot of what is not working correctly.

Hello. I am having problems opening the Stomp Typographic Intro on my AEP. Please help. Many thanks.

Thank you for your purchase! I answered you on email :)

Thank you very much for your swift response.

very cool stomp

Thanks! :)


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