Discussion on Kinetic Typography

Discussion on Kinetic Typography

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Very nice job.. Good luck..

Dope !! i wish you have a lot sale !

Thank you mate!

Incredible work! Good luck!

Thank You!

Good Work!

Thank You!

Looks amazing! Very cool!

Thank You!

Very stylish! Dope!

With your music, yes : )

Really cool stomp animation! Tell me please, is it available on Envato Elements, or it just here on Videohive?

Thanks! Yesterday I uploaded it too.

Wow, thanks! I just searched on Envato Elements, is this your work, right? – I do not know why, but when I looked through the newly uploaded items there I did not notice your work, but now I see. Once again thanks a lot for the great work!

Thanks bro!

Nice job.. good luck..

Thank You!

Cool stuff! Love the lyrics you used in the preview!

I cant find your project with the MartinLutherKing quote.

Hi, where can I find the font used in the video futuraLT-ExtraBold

Hey! So, I’ve actually purchased the eyes and brain footage – in your project file though they are just static images so when I place the video there are no effects on the layers. How do I make the brain all chromey? How do I make the eyes black and white and side by side etc etc? Maybe would be better that those have the effects applied so users can drop in their footage and have same result as your preview…as that is what we bought and paid for!

Hi. You just have to add the “black & white” and “levels” effects and yes, there are screenshots instead of footages. They need to be replaced with footages. You can replace it for anything (images, videos) so we won’t use anything. I’ll update this afternoon to include these two simple effects on the container layers. Thanks for the comment and for your purchase! (Could you send us your email address?)

Hey! Yeah cool – sorry I saw it in the tutorial at the end! One suggestion / issue though is that 90% of the text layers are not centered, so when you type over your word they are not sitting centered in the screen. Then, as I’m no expert if I drag them to the middle I ruin the animation. Maybe go through and center all the text? There are a few that are centered and these work great, rest are not looking good if I drag them :(

My download does not have all the element of the rotating brain. I just have one angle.

Hi, you can find the link on “item page / online assets”

Hello, I have bought this item but cannot open it because of old version, can you convert it in to old version of after affects, and send me , Thanks in Advance

please send me your email

Sent you a message, kindly send it as soon as possible :-)

Ok, I answered and thanks for the purchase!