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Cool dynamics!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Looks great!!! :)

Thank you! :)

Nice work!!


Cool work!

Thank you!

wooww clean work ;)

Thanks cousin!

Very nice work!

Thank you!

Thanks bro!

Thank you :)

very clear and dynamic.. breathtaking

Thank you!


I bought this template and it works well.

I only have two issues; it is very hard to edit sequence length in your template. If I want one sequence to be two seconds longer for example it messes with the entire template.

The second, more important issue is, that the stomp soundtrack seems to be asynchronous.

I used the “small” version, put it under the video and the stomps are not synchronized, which is quite embarassing.

Any tips ?

Sorry, I found the mistake. It was on my side. I sent you a message =)

Sorry, I have not seen your message. I hope everything is fine. :) If you have any problems, you can contact me at my mail address. “”

Thank you.

Friend, I wish you all the good and wonderful! Be happy and satisfied with this life, live with love in your heart! Peace! ;) :) :)

Thank you, friend! :)

Can you customize this video for me?

Hello, I can customize this project for you. Send me your e-mail address and we can talk details. My e-mail: