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Excellent work. I wish you success and great sales ;)

adobe after effects error: unexpected data type.. do you know what’s going on? Just purchased. First time opening.

What version of ae are you using? This should work with all versions cs3 and above.

Thank you Hypha. I’m using the Resume Addendum theme for some pie charts and I have a question. Using the slider values, I’m animating three sets of values for the pie slices. By adding a mask path I can get the text labels to move with the pie slices (keyframing the last margin). How do I get the frame layers for each label to move as well? I thought since they were parented to the text layer…but, no.

For the RA – Pie Charts, all the labels are actually keyframed manually. If you’re talking about Pie Chart 3, then you would need to change the text and edit the Z-Rotation of that label.

Looks great! How long is the render time roughly of each infographic?

Can I easily customise the color of the template?

Yeps, every item is customizable with either expressions or fill effects.

need to contact you directly to ask for another service, can you send me your email?

Sure, you can actually contact me from my profile page or at hypha.labs @ gmail.

How do I add text for the labels ?

This is super cool!!!

When I attempt to duplicate the ‘subtitle’ or ‘title’ layer, I get new text that I can change the position of within the composition.

When I double click to change the actual text, the initial layer that I duplicated also changes.

Essentially both layers mirror each others text, but in different positions. How can I change the text on each 3d ‘subtitle’ layer independently?

The text layers are inside their own compositions, so what you’re actually doing is duplicating a composition, and then altering the text layer inside that composition. What that does is change all the text layers that use that composition. In your case, you now are using 2 of the exact same compositions, so that’s why they both show the same text.

Here’s what you have to do to create different text:
  1. Duplicate the text composition you want. Let’s say the Subtitle composition.
  2. Move that new text composition wherever you want.
  3. Right click the new text composition and select “Reveal layer source in project”. This will then select that composition in the Project Window.
  4. With that composition selected, go to Edit > Duplicate. The selected composition will now be duplicated.
  5. Select and highlight both your new composition in the Project Window, and the text composition in the Timeline Window you want to change. Hold down ALT on your keyboard, and drag the composition in the Project Window on top of the text composition in the Timeline Window. Essentially what you’re doing is just swapping in your new duplicated composition.
  6. Double-click your new text composition and make your changes in that one.

That’s the step-by-step method, but essentially all you need to know is that when you are duplicating, you are actually making a copy of the same composition; so both layers are referencing the exact same composition. What you actually need to do is create a new text composition and drag that into the timeline.

Hope that helps!

Great! That worked nicely. Thanks for walking me through. Much appreciated.

Thanks that helped a lot! Perfect.

It would be create to add ability to have negative values in the bar&line graphs in the next release.

You third color in the circle graph has lines through it and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them out. I can change the color but can’t remove the lines. REALLY ANNOYING! How do I delete those lines?

Sorry, im not infront of a computer right now, but I know exactly what you r talking about. I accidentally left an effect on that layer.

Turn off the shy layers on that comp. This is the icon that sort of looks like a guy peeping over a wall. Look for the layer u want and select it. In the effect controls panel of that layer u need to just switch off the venetian blinds effect.

Sorry about that! I believe one other person had the same issue in these comments. If my directions were wrong, u can do a search for it. Otherwise give me a few hours to get to a comp.

I am considering to buy this package, but also the ability to create information cards or (line) call outs?


I’m going to buy theme pack 1, but I just wanted to be certain that it will work on CS6 before I do?

And also most of the statistics I have will require 8 bars. Can you add and take away the number of bars between 1 and 12 like in the tutorials for statistics?

Many Thanks, Lee

Hi Lee,

Yes, this was made in a version CS3, so it will work in all versions after it.

Theme pack 1, and theme pack 2, were created using the Statistics components. They all work in the exact same way, so yes, you can add and take away the number of bars between 1 and 12.

If you need more bars, or negative values for bars, you might want to take a look at my Statistician template. That one is a newer, more powerful package (but much more expensive as well).

Hope that helps!

Awesome project! I wish you good sales! ;)