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nice work mate..!

very cool idea, i like it :) !

Excellent work !!

Great work!

Beautiful project!!

Nice one, bkkmotion. Looks very good. And thanks for use my audio! :)

Seems like it would make more sense to actually allow people to edit the main phrase as well… waste of $11 for me now

Really thought the main phrase could also be edited… Looks great though!

Same complaint. You can’t edit the Main Phrase Comedy. Waste of money.

I’m sorry, but it is written in the description of the project.

If you want to completely redo the project, I can work for you as a freelancer.

Amazing project!

Same complaint, this should be listed as stock footage, makes no sense to provide an after effects project with pre-renders of the main assets. I know its listed in the description but still misleading.

oh no i was thinking i could change the title :((((((

Bummer. This should be stock. Not editable font. That info is buried in the description, and users wouldn’t expect that because font is ALWAYS customizable.

I have bought both this one and the Comedy Show pack. Just curious why this one (which seems more limited) is so much larger in download size?

Hi, thanks for choosing my template! This project used prerender from 3D programs (Cinema 4D), prerender lens flare on letters: mov video files. It size a lot, but also look better. And in the Pack all the letters to create a tool the after Effects, the size is much smaller.

Hi please email me your email id, I just purchase standup comedy show title… I would like to change the name

I want to edit main page text else no use of this

please reply

Hi! I sent you two email.

want to edit the main page text. else its waste of dollars