Stage Lights Overlays Collection

Stage Lights Overlays Collection

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All Footages has been created with Stage Lights Creator, the previous AE project available in our portfolio.

Not only for the creation of stages but also for creating amazing lighting effects on music videos, documentaries, fiction, action movies, post-production, and to give an extra professional touch to your social channels.

Using this package is very simple: just import footages as any other asset in your favorite editing software and use blending “Screen Mode” to obtain transparency. For Premiere Pro user import the Mogrt files in Premiere Pro (video tutorial included in the download)

Stage Lights Overlays Collection can be installed and recalled anytime from the Essential Graphics panel and simply dragged and dropped on your work!

Here is a list of categories:

  • 40 Lights Transitions 4K
  • 40 Fast Flash 4K
  • 21 Police Lights 4K
  • 19 Bulbs Lights Walls 4K
  • 10 Light Composite Overlays 4K
  • 30 Fast Lights Bugs Full HD
  • Bonus Mogrt files (for Premiere Pro Users only)
  • 30 Light Elements
  • 35 Stage Elements
  • 10 Multi Light Stage Rigs
  • 20 Multi Light Bulb Light Walls
  • 35 Multi Light Fast Lights Transitions
  • 6 Multi Light Combined Flashes
Download contains:
  • 192 Footages for any editing software
  • Bonus 136 Mogrt files (for Premiere Pro users)
  • Video tutorial for Mogrt files usage and installing

The music in the preview is an original soundtrack of mine for this project. Please take a minute to discover my Audio productions in Audiojungle section in my portfolio.

Frank Kocn

Stage Lights Overlays Collection