Discussion on Sprezzatura Machine Photo Gallery Pack

Discussion on Sprezzatura Machine Photo Gallery Pack

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Excellent work!! ;)

Thanks you so much guys. I rellay appreciate your kind comments

amazing colours and style , well done ! :)

Great idea dude, good luck selling!

Thank you

Nice slideshowe!

Good job!!!

Amazing work! good luck!

Thank you so much guys

Excellent template, very well done. Great tempo and looks really good! ;)

Thanks a lot

Great as always!

Thank you so much Diego….

Yes. Excellent in every way.

Merci beaucoup André

HI! Thanks for this work of art!

I was wondering if there was a special reason why the video after the rendering is not really fluid? It jumps a bit. Also, I’d like to know what the «no media» and the blank slides are for, they appear in my vid and I’d wish they don’t ;) Thanks a lot!

“No media” slides are slides apprearing tithw main titles one or three times durint the video. If you prefer use one or two media placeholders instaed of these “no media” slides, simply duplicate one or several media placeholders and drag and drop thes new media holders comps into the “nom media”slides

Oh, forget my Last comment, encoding in mp4 works perfectly! Thank you! Even if I don’t know much about AE, your work is very easy to use! :)

Thnak you so much

cool project indeed!!! (Y)

what about this song?

listen when you have time – hope it will be the subject of you’re next inspiration

Great song