Discussion on Sports Zone Broadcast Pack

Discussion on Sports Zone Broadcast Pack

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I used this template successfully after I figured out I had to re-render three of the QuickTime movies using a more up-to-date codec.

However, now that I am trying to make edits to my original project (and using a newer version of After Effects) I am getting a new error on opening the template: After Effects Error: the file format module could not parse the file. (45 :: 36). After that warning comes another warning: After effects warning: Error with file: ”. Both of these warnings appear several times as the project opens. Then, when I move the CTI, it reappears, making it impossible to even navigate the project to try to resolve this. I’m on a Mac, using After Effects v 18.2.0 (Build 37)

I recommend you to downgrade the AE version. The new version of AE is having a lot of problems and bugs for the moment

I downgraded to After Effects 17.5 and the template is behaving properly. Thank you.

Thank you. Glad it works for you

I have same problem of unsupported file formats or damaged ( and Please Help, I already sent you an e-mail

Sent you an email

Hi There, I’ve just purchased this and it has some missing files. Same message noted above.

Hi, thank you for buying Please send me an email to

Hello, opened up this project for the first time since 2016 and there are 3 mov files (or more) that will no longer play. They are: and Quicktime now says its not a supported format. Any solutions? Ive tried several other apps and none of them will open these three files which I need in my project.

Hey, please send me an email to

Hi, Can I change out the title words SPORTS ZONE to read something else?

Hi, yes it can be changed to other text

:cry: it will not open and says no directory!

What exactly the problem?

Is there a way to change the Eagles text from the sports fields ( ie: Change it off the football field to another name?)

Yes sure, you can change it. Send me an email, i will explain how

Hello, excellent work! Do you offer customization service? For example If I want to change the ball of basketball for a Bowling ball. This is posible?

Hi, please send me an email

OK, thanks

Hello 333pix, please verify your email I sent a request a few days ago and today a replay. Regards!

Great work but I can’t use it the way it is. That’s too bad you’re not providing the 3D files as I can’t use the project the way it is either like zbig. Every other artist on this site has had no problem offering the files for end users to make the projects work for them. Realize you OWN the files, nobody’s stealing anything they’re just being able to use it they way THEY need to use it. What’s the difference between the end user setting up his own timing and camera angles. The renders you provided are just as unique as the 3D files themselves, the only difference is the pre-rendered files are very limiting and that means one thing…much lower sales. Did you put all the work into this project to make sales or sit on the shelf? Now I’ve got to go and take the time to make my own 3D scene. I want to change the cars out as the ones provided are not able to be changed. Awesome work by the way.

This is an After Effects template, not Cinema 4d. The user gets exactly what he sees on the preview and even more. My policies is not to give or sale those files. If you want some changes you can always contact me via email and we can discuss it further

hello, are the 3D done with c4d ? Is it possible to have projects if i buy it to edit camera movements ? thank you.

Sorry, C4d files are not included

ok, won’t you sell it on envato ?

Those files are unique, and i am not selling or giving them. Sorry…

Really nice work! Best wishes! ;)

Thank you!

Impressive work! Wish you many sales!

Thank you!

Great work! Wish you many sales!!!

Thanks, friend!

Great work !

Thank you!

Sweet man, nice job. Great to see you didn’t jump on the flat design bandwagon like a lot of authors, hope to see more 3d stuff from you!

Thanks mate! 3d forever!!!

Looks very nice and cool :)


Great work !!


looks Great, one of the best sports ones here, A+ :)

Thanks a lot! Very nice to hear this from you

Very nice work!!!

Thank you!!

Awesome work my friend!!!! ;) Fantastic!!! ;)

Thanks, Friend!!


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