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great package ! Whish you lots of sales :)

Thank you! We also hope that it sells a lot :)

Very beautiful work! I hope you will sell a lot!

Thank you! :) We hope so too!

Nice, very nice!

That’s amazing work

Such a cool project! Very inspired :)

Thank you! :)

An Excellent work.

Thank you!

very cool work!

Thank you!

Love it! Looks great :)

Thank you pinkzebra, your music is fantastic :)

wow great job & Good luck with your sales :)

Thank you! :)

very nice and clean:)
be happy!

Thank you:)


I’m having these kinds of warnings:

After Effects warning: Object of type Object found where a Property is needed Expression disabled.

Error occurred at line 0. Comp: ‘transition 01’ Layer: 1 (‘SLICE 2’) Property: ‘Channel Range’

I’m using CS5

we will check out that in our cs5 suite. please send us your email address thank you.

glad you like it

hey mate,

Just wondering how to remove the placeholder backgrounds, so there is an alpha channel in the background so I can use them in Premiere rather than importing video into After Effects. I have managed to get rid of them in a couple, but unable in a few others.


I will have access to the files in a day just on a flight I will have a look and get back to you. You can also try to in shy the layers and usually it’s the bottom pre comp that just needs to be deleted or disabled. Thank you

hello. is there possibility to include video instead of photos? is it compatibile with cs6?

yes photos you can just drop in and Cs6 should not be a problem thank you