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Looks very cool!!!

Thx!! :)

Nice work !!


Nice work, congrats!

Thx u!

Very Nice Work!


Cool Project!

Thx! ;)

Cool work!


good work !!! :)

Thx! :)

How do you change the Color Corrector to a different color than red? thanks!

I think this is an error in the settings of your render. I have not encountered such mistakes.

Well, I have spent all day trying to get it to render in various different formats, called Adobe, they are looking at the details of the comp, but it just won’t render. I have 4 other projects that are larger and render fine. Something is up. Hopefully Adobe can give some answers.

Probably. But you are the first who writes me about this error. I hope you will succeed!

I cant render the project. I have tried several times and even tried making file smaller but i keep getting some error message about a plugin. please help

I answered you in the mail

Friend, I wish you all the good and wonderful! Be happy and satisfied with this life, live with love in your heart! Peace! ;) :) :)


Nice job! But I’m having the same exactly trouble described by cjcombs earlier: I can not render the file. It seems to fail also at second 9:

Escribiendo con el exportador: H.264 Escribiendo en el archivo: /var/folders/gg/n211hvw92bq1wknh5yvcl2440000gq/T/Sport Opener (convertido)_AME/_Render Me.mp4 Escribiendo tipo de archivo: H264 Alrededor del código de tiempo: 00;00;09;16 – 00;00;09;22 Procesando durante el desplazamiento: 9,376 segundos Componente: H.264 del tipo Exportador Selector: 9 Código de error: -1609629695

Hello! Probably you have an error in H264 codec

Cool product but unfortunally I can’t export it because After Effects close during exporting

Hmm, as you see more with such errors are not addressed. Try reinstalling After Effects.

I have tried on two different Mac and when I export into .mov It just crash

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