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Well done mate, love it! :)

Thank you, friend, appreciate it!

WOW! Outstanding, impressive, professional in all aspects!!! Fantastic 3D work, excellent reflections and attention to details! Really fantastic job, our dear friend! Huge Congrats!!! :) Great choice of music as well ;)

Thank you, dear friends! It means a whole lot to me! Thank you for good advice every time and support to see this project through. I appreciate it! Music is great, as always!

Awesome!!Very great!!

Thank you!

Wow wow wow !! Incredible look my friend ! Wish you best of luck with it !!!

Thank you, so much my friend! Really appreciate the kind words!

Fantastic work :)

thank you!

excelente job….nice!!!!!!!

thank you

amazing… i will buy it in shot for my project. great work

Thank you for the kind words!

Amazing work… wish you big sales :)

Thank you , appreciate it!

Wow… It’s an incredible work! Looks fantastically professional!

Thank you, Wayman! Really appreciate your words!

Excellent! Very well done

thank you, appreciate it!

It’s a Masterpiece! You have raised the standards very high for sports graphics!

Thank you, friend! I really appreciate your kind words!

I need Customising can i have your mail?

GREAT!!!:) I’m a basketball referee and I like it!!!:)

Very cool work:)

Success attend you!:)

thank you, sir! very kind of you! my best regards

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;) You can also use my composition with a watermark in your projects. I would be very happy. Thanks for your work and good luck!

thank you, appreciate it!

i try download the file and there wasn’t any after effect in the download. can you please send this to me immediately thanks. I need to finish this project.

I’m not sure what you mean, please take the matter with Envato, as they host the files for all projects already, as you may know, I’m sure. As you probably know we upload the files for the project and you download them from the Envato site.

Can you edit the colors?

the files are pre-rendered already as you see them. you can tweak them in AE, but not natively. regards

Hi thank you for the good job !

Please where download the sounds effects in “intro directory” I don’t the music but the sounds effect ?

Thank for your help