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Thanks maxoon.

wow awesome!

Thank you Brad902.

Great Logo! Looks fantastic!

Thank you frollibas.

Interesting Ribbons Animation And Quality Render, I Very Much Like Your Logo By The Way ! :P

Thank you xFxDesigns.
Nice to hear this.

Beautiful work. Are the ribbons customisable in after effects or are they pre rendered elements? Thanks

Thank you stevelmilne.
The ribbons are prerendered you can change it’s reflection intensity and the colors separately.

Great template! Very easy to change, lots of options. Great job. I had no problems finding what I needed.

Thanks for purchasing my product e11studios.
I am glad you liked it and I am thankful for this nice feedback comment.

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Hello lenerway. Thanks for creating this. I did have some problems with the help file given (not at all exhaustive) but finally I managed to create the video. The resulting video will be used as an intro for multiple presentations (videos showcasing our products). Is that OK?

Hi VictorBalasa ,
Thanks for purchasing my product.
No problem for me how you use it but maybe you could need to purchase a extended license for such a situation.
I am not sure about it you can refer to the lisence page for more info or ask support for the best answer.

I am glad it was usefull for you.


Thank you. I have bought the extended license in order to be extra-safe. Thank you for your work.

Please let me know if you need any help.
You are always welcome.


Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;)

Thank you Amidamaru.

Had a question before purchasing and creator was very responsive and helpful. I didn’t have to wait long to hear an answer back. Amazing work as well and very easy to use!

Hi ptghome,

Thank you very much for your feedback and nice comment.

You are always welcome.

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