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Excellent work! I wish you many sales!

Excellent work!

Wow, what a beautiful project. I just bought it for a grade school graduation video project. Is there a way for me to edit and extend the number of pictures to 63?

Hi there, apologies for late reply. I think the best way to extend is to export the template twice, and then edit together in an editing program such as iMovie or MovieMaker. Cheers, Mark

Hi! It´s possible to change the timeline so I can match movements of the photos with another sound?

Hi there, the easiest way to do this is to export your sequence as a video file and import into video editing software (such as iMovie or MovieMaker). Then you can cut and edit your video along to your desired track. Its much easier to do this in an editing program than in After Effects. Cheers, Mark

Modeon was here!

I uploaded great item. do you want to look?

G’day mate, I was wondering if possible to change the final composition to anything I like instead Heart shape or “square”..Thank you

nice photo shapes!

This photo Gallery is fantastic!!! Happy sales buddy!! ;)