Space Nebula - Pack of 3

Space Nebula - Pack of 3

Space Nebula – Pack of 3

Each clip takes you on an ethereal journey through starfields and colorful gaseous nebula.


Resolution: Full HD – 1920×1080
Frame Rate: 29.97
Length: 25 seconds

Video Encoding:

File 1 Size: 288Mb (Photo Jpeg)
File 2 Size: 288Mb (Photo Jpeg)
File 3 Size: 293Mb (Photo Jpeg)

For Color Adjustments:

Within your favorite video editing package, apply a Hue/Saturation effect on an adjustment layer above the footage you wish to recolor, then apply a Color or Hue Mode on the adjustment layer.

Once all recoloring is complete, for best results, render the final in 16bit or more.

If your color adjustment has introduced banding, apply another adjustment layer above the hue/saturation layer and add a noise filter of 1%-3%. (How much noise you need depends on how much banding you have introduced.)
Additional help file included with more suggestions for editing.

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Music by: AudioQuatro – Satellite