Social Media Video Graphics

Social Media Video Graphics

Social Media Video Graphics v2.1

Works with After Effects CC 2014, version 13.2 and above.
Social Media Video Graphics 2 script easily and fast create text animations based on the text you entered in the edit text box.

What’s new in version 2!

  • Highlight text between square brackets.
  • Create Subtitles and control it with markers on one layer.
  • Adjust text color, size, spacing between lines and shadow.
  • Six text backgrounds change color, borders and opacity.
  • Easily set align and position of your text with new position UI.
  • Change animation duration, speed and delay.
  • After creating the animation, you can easily change the duration, start, end, animation in and animation out with markers.
  • Social Media Video Graphics works with any video resolution.
  • Video tutorial included.


Update Log:

For anyone who purchased Social Media Video Graphics, these updates are free of charge.
Please re-download the project file by going to your profile page and clicking the Downloads tab.

Version 2.1 (22 August 18):
- Added Motion Blur check box for animation motion blur.
- Added Roundness edit box for round text background.
- Changed some expressions, so every text animation can be retype.
- Minor bugs fixed.
Version 2.0 (2 August 18):
- 32 text animations and 6 backgrounds gives you 192 variations.
- New Position UI. Easy to set your text position.
- Highlight specific text. Put the highlighted text between square brackets.
- Choose one of six text backgrounds.
- After creating the animation. You can change the animation duration and speed by moving the sliders.
- Same distance between text lines no matter what font or language you're using.
- New subtitle maker. Create subtitles and control it by sliding markers.
Version 1.3 (10 August 17):
- The script now saving all your settings when you close it.
- So when you reopen it, you don't need to retype all the settings again.
Version 1.2 (17 July 17):
- All expressions changed to be universal.
- Added 8 new text animations.
Version 1.1 (6 July 17):
- Added a new settings in LAYOUT section for a full control under the text position.

Customer reviews

Music used in the preview can be purchased here.
Video used with CC BY license.
Full technical support included in item price!