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Any reason as to why I it cant find any of the video files in the folder? I cant even play them outside of premier, let alone import them either. Anything I am doing wrong?

UPDATE: FIxed the issue. Had to install quicktime, and cleaned my media cache and it is fixed.

Yes. At the beginning of the video tutorial is told about Quick Time. Glad you solved the problem :)

Hi, i bought this thinking it was interactive? But the buttons don’t seem to do anything? I thought they would like the facebook page or instagram or subscribe to youtube if you clicked them, but they don’t. Is that expected? i want something that works like the icon you have in your youtube video in the bottom right corner. thanks

What the “clickable subscribe button the whole way through your videos” do you mean? I don’t quite understand you. There is no any clickable subscribe button on my video. I mean if you press on this button, nothig happens. Envato is not YouTube. On Envato there can be no clickable elements on the video. It’s just a video

in the bottom right corner of your videos there is a red box – it says “Click Here Subscibe”. I assume this is a card you have added in youtube itself after you uploaded the video? How did you manage to get it to appear all the way through the video? The only option i have is to add the account profile icon, which if you hover over it dos the same thing as yours, but it can only be added for the last 20secs of the video. thanks

I don’t understand you more and more. “bottom right corner of your videos”, “you have added in youtube itself after you uploaded the video”. We are not on YouTube now, we are on Envato marketplace. What the red box on the right corner on which video on YouTube you are talking about? Can you show me the video where it’s all hapens?

Hello, I have some problems when editing and I can’t understand if it’s a rendering problem or other. Basically the animation blinks and shows strange effects.

Is it a known problem? Quiktime is ok, I’m using a Macbook 15 mid2012, edit on Premiere Pro 12.1

Hello! :) The project is checked, it works well. Buyers have not had such problems before. Perhaps you have some problems with the program, codecs, or something else. But don’t worry I’ll help you. Please show me what you got after render, also you can send me your edited project. Write me please through my profile page. I will answer you, and we will be able to continue our communication by mail

I also wrote you a letter through your profile page. You can send me files in response

Hi! presale question, can I change the text of the like and subscribe button? I need in another language. Thanks!

Color of the buttons can’t be changed. Grey curtain of the lower thirds also can’t be changed. The project doesn’t provide for changing the color of the white plate, so the video tutorial doesn’t show how to do this. But you can change the color yourself. So if you need to change the color of the white plate, I’ll make and send you a separate small video tutorial :)

the next week I will purchase this and I request you for this :) thanks so much

You are welcome! I always here. Feel free to contact me :)

Does this Lower Thirds Filmora9 software?

Hello. No it’s a Premiere Pro project

hello, can we change the words “liked” and “subscribe” on the youtube buttons? Thanks

Hello! :^) Yes sure. There is a detailed video tutorial inside the ZIP file. So you can easily enter any words instead the “liked” and “subscribe” words

Hello, by “your logo” you mean I can add/change an icon and keep a some kind of animation for my text? Because I don’t see one there. What I want to do is to have two extra icons with animation and text. One with a globe for shocasing my website adress and one with a point icon for my adress. Is this possible to do in premiere? I can purchase the icons online but is there a some kind of a editable option?

Hello Billghc! :) Please pay your attention to the last lower third of the GIF animation below the preview or in the preview (4:28). You can see the lower third with Envato logo. That’s the empty lower third where you can place your logo and change the color from green to whatever you want (inside Premiere Pro project). The project includes a detailed video tutorial. If you have questions, please feel free to ask

Ohhh!! I didn’t notice! Yes this is what I need. I will purchase for my next project. Thanks!

Great! Contact me if you have any questions ;)