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Hey Ayas, I have purchased and i have also sent you an email. Speak soon!

I have replied to your mail. Please have a look at it.


just purchased this great work however there is no music file as shown in the tutorial when downloaded?

please advise as this makes this piece work.

Also how do you change the colour of the backgrounds or images? for example the first scene, I would like to change the pink background to blue. Sorry I am quite new to ae :D

i have a little problem with time sound.
I bought sound ( ) and can not change length sound for your video. Maybe you can send me file for more length sound or will say how i can do it?

Please send me the track you purchased. I will edit it to fit the the video.


Hi Aeyaz, I’m in the same situation than raminaliev, I purchased the music ( and the audio lenght doesn’t match the video lenght. Audio is shortests.

How can I send you my Audio files??

Thanks in advance

please send the audio to I will make it fit and send you back.

If you can please send the SFX audio effects to urgent! Thanks so much! OH! I bought you other theme as well, SEO Explainer, can you send that as well??


Can you show me.. I literally can’t find it.

Please send it to


I just sent it to your mail. For faster response from my side, please contact me via my the message box in my profile page.


Anyone have the music track that fits to this template? I emailed the author as instructed with purchased track, but havent heard anything back.

Hi, I am the author. I somehow must have missed your mail. Here is the link to the music track. The link is already given in the videohive item page. May be you did not notice it.

Thanks for purchashing.