Discussion on Social Logos and Lower Third

Discussion on Social Logos and Lower Third

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Hi. Beautiful work, but requires Adobe AfterEffects, right? Thank you!

Hi! If you want to add text or easily change the length of the logos, then you need after effects. If you just want the basic logos, the project contains a footage folder with the prerender mov. These mov’s can be imported on any video editor.

Thanks a ton! You’re the best! And I have spent time in your beautiful city. Next time, perhaps, I’ll be there long enough to take in some flamenco.

I’m pretty green when it comes to After Effects… and as such I can’t seem to render this with the alpha channel… it’s always black – I need to add this on top of my Premiere Pro timeline but it’s opaque.

I tried the Adobe Dynamic Link with no luck too so is it possible to render with alpha channel?

BTW I really like this!

Hi! I’m glad you like it :)

1. In your composition: Composition -> Add to Render Queue

2. Render Queue tab: Output Module -> Click on Lossless to open the Output Module Settings window

3. Video Output -> Format Options -> Video Codec -> Select PNG

4. VIdeo Output -> Channels -> Select RGB + Alpha

If you need more help you can contact me through my profile page.

Oh wow… they don’t make it easy in AE do they? haha! Thank you!

Your welcome! :)

thanks for freebie

You are welcome!

Thank you very much! Really nice icons.

Thank you very much! Looks very cool :)

Thank you for the files! A terrific package with exceptionally clear instructions. It’s a joy to use and the output results are OUTSTANDING!

I’m glad you like it!

unfortunately I cannot import it in camtasia. When I open the footage folder, quicktime mov appears. I cannot import of copy them. What to do?

solved it, converted it to mp4, thanx!

This is both awesome and easy to customize…. damn good work…

Thanks a lot :)

I want to remove the black background.

Hi! Actually there is no a black background. If you import your video to this project, you can drag the logos on the video, and see that the logos are transparent. You can also see the transparent background in after effects with the tool “toggle transparency grid” under the stage. And if you want to export the logos with the transparency, select video codec PNG and channels RGB + alpha.

Can’t convert or do anything with the mov files.

Hi! This is an After Effects Template. If you want to add text or easily change the length of the logos, then you need open the aep file (after effects). If you just want the basic logos, the project contains a footage folder with the prerender mov. These mov’s can be imported on any video editor if you have the mov codecs (quicktime).

thanks for the work i try to export with the png mode and the chanels alfa + rgb and this create me a video with black background and 500 png that i have to put in the premiere for exemple and change the duration to 1frame to get the same video? is that way?

Hi. You must export a transparent mov (format options: png, channels: rgb-alpha, but it’s a mov file), and you can modify the duration inside AfterEffects. The project has controls for easily change the duration. If you need help you can contact me through my profile page. You can write me in Spanish if you want.

You may select:

Format: QuickTime

Video Output: Channels: RGB+Alpha, Format options: PNG

can I plug in my own logo to replace social media logo?

Hi! No, sorry, they are pre-rendered animations in Cinema 4D. If you want I can customize it with your logo. If you’re interested, please contact me through the form on my profile page and I will tell you how to proceed.

not working for me on “german” after effects, script errors all the time …

You are right, the color expression was not properly universalized. Now it’s fixed. I will update the file, but it may take one or two days to become available for download. If you can not wait give me your email and I will send you the file by wetransfer. You can write your email here or write a message to hello [at] ilovemedia [dot] es. Sorry for the inconvenience.

no problem, i can wait. thank you!

The update is ready!

I got this template a long time ago but now it has snapchat, we don’t get an updated version???

Hi there!

I see you have not purchased the item. Maybe you downloaded it the month it was free? Users who have purchased this item can download the update from the downloads tab. Updates are not provided for free files.

Hello, I was wondering if you planned on updating the project with the new Instagram logo. I did get the project from a free download of the month, but will purchase if logo is updated. Great project by the way. Thank you.

Hi. Thanks for the warning. I did not remember to update it when they changed the logo. Now I have a lot of work, but maybe next weekend I can update. I’ll let you know when available. Thank you.

Hi! The new Instagram logo is now available :)

hi, I purchased this video and it is great! There one thing only, can you add whatsapp icon as well?

The new update with the WhatsApp logo is now available. If you like the new update, please rate this file in your downloads tab.

Great Service! thank you and rating done

Hi! It’s possible to add a Telegram icon? Thanks!

Hi! I don’t plan to add future updates I haven’t worked with video for a long time, I’m mainly focused on music.