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Looks great. Can the formation be changed? I need 4-2-3-1


Hi there,..Thank you very much. No, the formation cannot be changed. This is a hybrid 2d/3d project. The camera animation and soccer field/ball are from cinema 4d. The placeholders are 2D and created in After Effects. The placeholders can be moved but only slightly if one needs minor adjustments. Thank you djmky82.

Upgrade sorted my original problem :)

Thank you for purchasing my file. Glad you sorted it out. Cheers.

I used this to open my kid’s high school varsity soccer reel. The kids and parents loved it! The project is so very well organized and user friendly. You have done a tremendous job, Thank you!

Thank you so much for your comment beerman! Glad to hear that the kids and their parents enjoyed! Great to hear all this. Cheers!

Wow! I wish there was one like this for American football. It’s very nice! And the models in the sample are super cute! My 6th graders aren’t cuter, though!

lol, too funny. Hopefully one day soon I’ll work on other variations of this for different sports. Thanks Angie!

Nice, I know the formation can’t be changed, but can I remove some players? I want to make this for my nephews soccer team, but they are only 8-10 players. Will it Work, if I remove some of the players?

Hey, working on it, and seems to get all to come along. But one problem, the logo can’t that be fixed? It is moving on the “boxes” when the camera rotates. I have checked it in your presentation, and the problem is the same there. It may not be so notible with your logo, but with mine I saw it first time.

Hi there. I took a look at the logo and you are correct, it does slightly drift. It’s hard to see but I do see it. I have a fix coming, I will update it soon, it will be a couple hours to fix and update. I will also update the version here on videohive. Thank you for letting me know this, and good eye!

Please send me an email via my profile so that I can send you a new version. You can find the email form on the bottom right of my profile link

Great, but unestly don’t think I have see it, if I didn’t use my Clubs logo. Solid yellow on Black, makes it easier to see. I’ll send you my email

Hello Facade, impressive work. I have a team presentation in a few days and was wondering if you could extend the lineup of this template from 11 to 17 players ie. 11 on the field and 6 reserves / on the bench. Can you do this? Will it be ready in a few days time?

Thanks BaverianVine! It would be difficult to add reserves to the lineup unfortunately. At this time, this is only made for an 11 player 4-4-2 Lineup.

Hi Facade, I am ready to purchase but need clarifications on Timeline for delivery. I propose we chat, how can I reach you?

Can you emali me via my profile page please so we can discuss what you need over email? Here is the link to my profile page. Email form is on the bottom right.

excellent…i use it a lot for my soccer team…looks really cool

Thanks Juggleslala! I’m happy to hear that it has worked great for you. Cheers!

I purchased it and downloaded it, but it won’t let me open the project file. Is there an app I need to download for it to open?

Make sure to unzip the zip file. Some people forget to unzip or do not know that they first have to unzip/extract the zip file to a self contained folder and try to open the file from withing the zip file itself. Use winzip or winrar to extract. Then fire up After Effects and open the project file.

I was unaware that I had to have after effects. Is there any way around not paying 20 bucks a month to have it? This would be the only project I used for it and that’s way too much money.

You don’t have to pay $20 a month. Just a one time purchase fee. I think you are talking about something else regarding $20 month, maybe the graphics subscription that just came out recently.

Yes, you have to have After Effects to use the file, so you can open it and swap out the images in the template.

Do you have an American Football version of this or Can I remove the soocer background?

The soccer background is preRendered. So, technically, you can but there is nothing to put in the background then. I have my other Template which is an American Football Lineup. Already have football field.

Hello! :) Is there a way to make the camera stay a little longer on each player? Or is it possible to make the camera speed slower?

Hi klaskendask. The scene is prerendered so it is not possible to move the camera with this template. You can move the placeholders around but not the camera.

Can I include video instead of photos of each player?

Yes, you are restricted to the time you see in preview though, the background is prerendered so you cannot adjust time on this. Thanks

Hi, can you help me, I would like to add the substitute players as I can do? 11 + 5 substitutes

That will not be possible with this template. The background(pitch) is the camera is baked and time cannot be added. Other that rendering another round of players with the same template and editing them together, not really much that can be done unfortunately

looks amasing however for my use its the wrong formation. any chance of changing that?

It is not possible to change the camera movement nor the order of the lineup because the background is preRendered. You can however change the information of the player placeholder. Hope this helps

It’s very short! Can I make it last longer?

Hi… cannot be lenghtened…it has a preRendered background so cannot be lengthened