Discussion on Soccer Comics Vintage & Modern

Discussion on Soccer Comics Vintage & Modern

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Excellent work buddy!!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!!! ;)

Hi my friend …nice to see your comments here …thanks ;)

great work! like it

Thank you marosuperstar :)

Very nice work.

Thanks DEFOCUSFMG …..nice new avatar i see ;)

Thank you MagicRoyce :)

As Always Carefully Crafted Work In Detail ,You Are On Fire Nick ! :) Wish You All The Best !

I follow your example Billaras….you know…..........Hard work make you ….luckier ;)

Solid as always realthing, looks great!

Hey facade…. thank you my friend….also for tweeter ;)

  • twitter…...... sorry … i am drunk ….hic :P

Exellent work my friend :) wish you luck and many-many sales

Thanks you so much EugeneRoiz glad you like it :)

Couldn’t agree more with Billaras!
This is a must feature project in my opinion. Keep it up Nick.

Thanks Panos :) are far to kind my friend :)...... hope if i ever have a feature project, to be with your music ;)

Beautiful project Real! ;)

Thank you abstract :) glad you like it :)

Very nice project and quite useful these days!

Thanks Steve :)... i think ” useful ” is the key word as aboute templates :)

Thanks Herass :)

Nice job! Hope sales skyrocket!

Hey BOO :):) .. Thanks

Good work my friend!

Thanks my friend :)

very nice project, good job ! :)

Thanks Eric :) much appreciated

Good work! Well done!

Thanks 331:)

Thanks toha :)

Perfect graphics style! :)

Thanks AMK ;)

Very misleading. Doesn’t come with interval video footages, and does not explicitly say that anywhere. The “example” video on the website show internal footage, where it should state that it wasn’t included.

Well….. i really don’t know what to say here…...i say that you are right about the fact that it not written clear that “the footage is not included”’s something that more or less people knows…...i don’t know what to do to please you…. i don’t like to have disappointed clients…....what can i do for you ? ( i am going to write in all my templates that the footage is not included BTW to avoid this kind of misunderstanding ) :)

Don’t worry, we will probably buy more stuff from you, you have awesome products, we just wanted to say what happened. For example, on this product ( I can see that pictures have the envato watermark, so I know what to expect. On another videos, there is “your video here”, “your logo here”, etc. That’s what caused confusion on us. Keep doing an amazing work ;)

OK Igor… i will consider your advice ….i already place more info about the footage in my items to avoid this kind of misunderstanding. Thanks for your kind words….please feel free to contact me for any kind of problem or question :)