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How can I change the type of ball? I dont know much about AE

Thanks leonrangelfut :D HERE for select type of ball

Hi,I’m not sure what’s going on with your project,But i send how to remove expression and select ball HERE

Regards Bank

I just bought your product. When I try to open the file in After Effects it tells me that the “movie” files are damaged or unsupported. I can view the movie files. Can you please help. I am using the latest version of AE to edit. Thanks, SG

I just installed it and when I try to open the mov files it says they are damaged or unsupported

I just did, but still have the same problem..funny thing is I can view the file Field_Flare.mov but not Field.mov

Sometime,when you download the project some file is a damage :)

Hi there Great template but having trouble choosing the B&W ball which is the 2nd ball in your demo. Hoping you can help… thx Scott

Interesting that it works in AE CS6 bit can’t seem to get it working in AE CC 2014

I don’t have cc 2014 for test,but actually i think it work on any AE, Do you use CC 2014 demo version?

I need the Enter key to my YouTube Channel, few Logos For use?

Hi,I do not understand what you mean. but this item has a 1 placeholder for 1 logo.

I need an intro to my YouTube Channel

Yes 1 Channel Intro. MY Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/lPasionFutbolista/videos)

Sorry..new to AE. I see no layers that support image logos. Just text and a guide area. I’ve imported my image logo but not sure where to link it. Thank you!

Hi,Just drop your logo file to the comp “Your_Logo” and remove the text layer(layer YOUR LOGO)

That was stupid of me. Thanks!! Love the intro.


Carva Purchased

How do I change the color of the ball? I only have this doubt! Congratulations for your work.

01.Select the layer “Edit_Ball” in comp “Soccer_Ball_Reveal”

02.Press “F3”

03.Turn off effect controls “Beaujeu”

04.Turn on effect controls “Customize_Ball”

05.Change the conlor control “Color1” and Color2”