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Wow! It’s really great work! Well done my dear friend! My best wish for you hope you many sells and all the best! :D

This looks amazing, congrats!

very nice opener :)

Thank you so much for your kind comments buddies :)

Nice work bro!

Very great!!

It have both animations?

Actually it’s the same animation, depends on what type of logo you insert it may look a little bit different, you’ll find one file with 2 basic backgrounds, a bright and a dark one.

im very confused because the licensing says regular….but this is a LOGO…so can i use it as a logo as many times in my own work as I want?? Thanks

You can buy a regular license if end users are not charged to watch your work and you can make a video with 1 logo and use the same video many times wherever you like. If you have to make another animation with a different logo you need to buy another license. If end users are charged to view your work (example: you sell your work on a dvd or via pay tv) you need to buy an extended license. Hope this helps, if you’re not sure write me again, no problem :)

When opening in AE, I continue to get the error 29 :: 36 and it freezes up the program. Any suggestions?

Hi, sorry to hear that, could you write me via my profile page, I’ll try to solve the problem. Thanks