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Very neat!

Question: Can you direct to a tutorial or a YouTube that explains how to include an opener in a Wordpress site?

Is there an administration section to change Logo? Or do we do that in another program?

You can edit template in adobe after effects only and I don’t have experience for code web or wordpress :D

Great clouds effects :)

Thanks :D

hi, man thanks for this resource. im having problems downloading it, the download starts but always stop in a diffrent moment could you help me please. thanks

Hey emilio77b, I think server down in this time you can download in next time before the end of Feb :D

sorry it was a conetion problem, thanks!!!!!!

enjoy :D

Hi and thanks a lot ;)

Enjoy :D

Hi Thanks a lot :)

Enjoy :D

Hey there,

is there a way to remove the 3D effect from the logo file?


Sent you a mail, thanks.


I’m just about to purchase this smoke effect of yours, which looks stunning. May you let me know which 3d software and plugins did you use to achieve such an amazing artwork?

Hello, great FX! Do you have a place where you can purchase the source files for smoke effects so that they may be further modified?

Hi SplitPerception,I create smoke with 3d software,but you can use for edit :D

I’d like to know how to remove the 3d option before I buy. cause if its too detailed I probably wont be able to do it…. I just emailed you at the email above, thanks!

Hi, If you have not received the email You can download from HERE

Thanks! As promised I purchased the file and I love it. :D

Thanks dipsetfever :D

My smoke files are coming up as color bars in the project. Please advise

Please try download the project from videohive again and open ae file in forder.