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beautifull! very nice ideea. :)

Thanks for a good estimation of my project ;-)

Yeah, autumn… falling cannabis leafs…:)

Well, that’s nice and fresh. :)

Very cool project! Awesome work!

QuadraphonixAssociation Thanks, I wanted to transfer a fine season – autumn.

Nice idea.. good work!

very cool project!

So sweet. Very nice. And also the music is right choise for the project

Thanks for your estimation

Nice work, liked the animation style !

I liked it. I congratulate you.

Very nice project!

Beautiful one, Just wanted to know how much time it takes to render this project on Quad core i7 with 12 gb ram ? or please share how much time it takes to run on your m/c with spec


Thanks, at me the project with permission 960×540 was digitized for AMD64 3 ,1 2Gb for 1hr 45min (if I am not mistaken)

Wow, did you do all these leaf animations yourself. Its not easy to make leaves realistically move in the wind, But you pulled it off, and with such volume.

LOL….like the marijuana leaf you snuck in there…

In the project any leaf can be replaced with the. And this leaf – only a plant leaf

Can we include videos instead of images in this slideshow?

Yes, it is possible

Thank you!

Very good work)) I like it so much))

Thanks! :-)