Slide Advance

Slide Advance

Slide Advance is a stylized way to show off photos/videos by simulating slides dropping into place in a project. The photo-negative border is built-in so you just have to drop in your files. Perfect for a Photographer! Any questions at all feel free to email me!
  • 12 spots ready for you to drop in your media.
  • 720 HD
  • No Plugins
  • After Effects CS3 & above

  Slide Advance – A retro slide simulator way to display photos in 1080 HD, CS3 & above.

  Spin Magik – A hip way to showcase your work in 1080 HD, no plugins.

  Rotating Box Advance! - Spinning 3D cube shows off your footage in 1080 HD, CS3 & above.

Check Out Some Of My Select Tracks

Green – An intense, high energy track perfect for a get-away scene/action promo!
Make An Escape – A hip-hop track full of sombre soul and a street ambiance.
Last Touch – Very haunting piano & strings. Perfect for the final showdown in a horror flick!
Avenged Tables – Orchestra and a beat, simple combination with epic results!

Full List Of Collections

Epic Actions – A collection of epic action tracks! Perfect for video games/indie action films
Horror Flicks – A collection of haunting and intense tracks.
Cinema & Ad Promos – More classic compositions great for cinema or commercials.
Hip-Hop Heart – Hip-Hop tracks that are smooth, catchy and full of soul!
Hip-Hop Battle – Hip-Hop tracks that are more aggressive and intense!