Sliced And Stained Photo Show

Sliced And Stained Photo Show

This project comes in three versions: One version with true depth of field, a second version with simulated depth of field that renders faster than version 1, and a version with no blurring at all to suit all your needs and taste.

In all cases, this template is quite CPU intensive.


100 % After Effects! You can customize everything and anything. All photo frames are broken up into 20 to 40 pieces. You can go with my animations or create your own or don’t animate them at all. Leave the grunge in it or take it out and make everything glitteringly clean.

Photo frames come in 5 sizes: 1200×1800, 1280×1200, 1650×1100, 925×1800 and 1350×900.

No external plugins used!

Compatible with AE CS5.5 and above

Resolution: HD 1920×1080 / HD 1280×720 / PAL SD / NTSC SD

Length: 2:24 min.

Step-by-step tutorial (PDF) is included.

The link to the font I used is included in the help file.

The audio track composed by SilverHoof is not included. But you can find it here:

The photos I used in the preview video are available on PhotoDune:

If you have any questions regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact me via my profile page.





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