Discussion on Sky and Mountains Titles

Discussion on Sky and Mountains Titles

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mac429 Purchased

Hello. Can’t buy music anymore? Should I buy a picture as well? Thank you.

I just purchased this. I’m having issues with some of the effects. They don’t look the same as the video. I have Particular, Element V2, and Optical flares. However, the sun is showing as an black screen with a yellow sunburst, the mountains aren’t clear, and there’s a distinct difference between the layers compared to the tutorial video. Can you please help?

Leider Funktionierts im Video+Text Render nicht, übernimmt nicht alle 7 Fotos, respektive wiederholt 2 Fotos in Rahmen? hinzu kommt 7 Bilder wären möglich, doch 8 Rahmen erscheinen im Video??? After Effekts CS6 und 2017 Versucht

Czy zrobiłeś wszystko tak jak w instrukcji? Należy dokładnie przeczytać instrukcje i postępować według niej. Wszystko powinno działać, bo projekt ten powstawał właśnie na AE CS6.

I have purchased this title video with a wrong credit card. Can I get a refund for my purchase? I will use my another credit card to purchase it again. I will look forward to hearing from you.

I have no idea how to deal with such things. You must contact envato regarding this matter. They’ll probably help you

Nice project! I wish you great sales and positive mood! ;)

Thank you! :)

Super!!! an excellent solution to your thoughts !! you are cool !!

thank you :)

How do I remove the frames sound the video’s

... Sorry. Around the video’s

Hello, I purchased your project, but i want to change the white color on top of the mountains to green, like trees and not snow, is this possible?

Hello, you can go do 3D element and edit the texture of Gor – change the saturation to 0, then the top should be white. Regards

Hi, I bought it but i dont have any of your Plugins…do i need to buy the plugins or are they for free…? Best wishes

Hi, I do not need any plugins to use this project :)

Very beautiful work on Sky and Mountains! Talented rendering of the 3D mountainscape. Works great as an epic intro.

Thank you very much! :)

awesome!!! “ni tai you cai le”

I am about to buy this project but do i need to buy any extra staff?

ok this is a nice project but; i have this… too “Sky and Mountains Logo” and is almust the same can i get credit for this “Sky and Mountains Logo” please…

I’m sorry I was not here long. So you can have this project

this is one of my favorites my main question is if i get extra staff and does it work to change different a back ground

Hi there, unfortunately not working for me. I’ve got no text coming up, i’ve transferred all files to the appropriate folders as requested. Nothing coming up. I’m rendering from a mac, I have all the plugins at the right versions. I’m also a amateur to this, I tried navigating around the project and trying different things however no success for me. I hope you can help… Cheers

You have the latest version of the 3D element V2?

try to extract all of the desktop and then run. If it will not work I can send you the finished film.

Very Nice work! I see that the mountain pack (which I also purchased) was rendered in C4D. Any chance I could get that file so I can see how you built the terrain??? I was hoping to see that the mountain range was build in Element but when I open the “unrendered”comp there is simple a bunch of surface planes, no models.

3D models were made in the VUE. And then arranged in 3D space in element 3D :)


thanks! :)

You must have Element 3D version 2 or can an older version of Element work with it?

Unfortunately, only works with E3D v2 due to shadows and reflections. But if you buy and send me the subtitles you want to replace them and I can send you the finished animation

Awesome Work ! Good Luck!



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