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I also need the sound fx please! Would you mind emailing me them:


sound file is only for verified buyers,sorry

Hey, this is a great Project file!

But im trying to do some tweaking to the red line, and i was wondering where is the layer for this object? cause im trying to remove it in some places and change it in other sections. And im just not able to locate the source, with no luck :(

Help will be greatly appreciated, and thanks to flashato for making a great PJ with good organization and customization :)

Hey Jesus
Try to uncheck the hide layer icon in the timeline to reveal the hidden layers.

Beautiful File to hand out as Free Download. I cannot find the Video Help?

If I m not wrong there not video help, but html :)

Hi, veri nice work! someone can help me with sound? where can I buy it ;)

apparently the sound is not on line anymore you should replace it or contact the author…

Ciao Flashato,

nn riesco a trovare il file musicale di fobee, mi sapresti dire dove andarlo a prendere!??

ciao e grazie.

Ciao Geist, purtoppo Fobbe a tolto il suo pezzo, e non saprei come fare…magari se lo contatti… :)

AWESOME TEMPLATE ! Just what I needed.

Can you pretty please email me the sound fx (not the music) for this?

Much thanks!

Hi ada,
I ve the assets files of this projects on anther disk, unmounted, i plan to install it in the next few day, I m sorry that i can’t help you out immediately….As soon i ve the SF I will send it to you . :)

Bel lavoro Flashato!! saluti Geist!


Great pack. Working like a charm, except for one thing i cant seem to solve.

I am trying to switch the red banner in the background to a striped one that i have (an image) but i cant seem to find the red banner in the comps :-)

I can find it in the library (the solid) and i can see it and select it in the comps but i cant seem to find it in any of the layers in the comps. How is it implemented into the comps?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Nor
you should switch the hidden layer off.
Let me know, Arthur :)

Hi, when I will to render, it prompted me that 1 footage file required to render composition “output 640 X 360 ” is missing.

As I am a new user, appreciated it if you could help to advise.

Thanks and best regards, Patrick

Hello gdoffer,
Maybe the missing file is the sound…try to render it anyway (It’s a light ender) and see what append, :)


Nice work indeed. You stated the music was from Folbee, but not the title of the piece. Could you give that to me so I can purchase it from Folbee?

Thank you.

Kevin Burns

Hi ktburns, You should contact Fobee since it look that he took of the track from his portfolio.The track name is Late Night.


There’s a shine over a few of the images (media 2, media 2.1 and media 4) that’s making them blurry and I can’t seem to remove.

Please help. Thanks!

Hi Phil, Try to disable depth of field in the camera settings

Hi Phil, Try to disable depth of field in the camera settings


Will I be able to work with this project in AE CS3 ?


Nop Add, only cs4 + :)

Great project, thanks :) I do have one question: Can I change the red color to something else, for example orange?

Absolutely yes,

Check here for some example

there is an error, when i click on video.

Hi Fusion, are you speaking about the player ?

Hi Flashato,

Awsome project file.

Thanks for your hard work.


As always, superjob ;)

not the best you got, Arthur…but very stylish and clean. Bookmarked.

Thank you guys,
It is very nice to have great comments from talented authors like you are. :)

Looking great friend. Great style, nice excution, smooth moves. Should sell great!

Regards, inlife

Excellent presentation and Great design! :)


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