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simple and clean – very cool ! :)

Very cool work)!

Good Work!!!

Stylish and cool! :)

Simple and clean..good luck :)

Love this and bought it, just wondered how I increase the time the initial text is on the screen? It will mean I will need to increase the length of the video overall as the text i want to use isnt single words and therefor I need enough time for the user the be able to read it all.

Hi, how customisable is this as someone with very little experience with graphic design?

Even beginner can do it. Give me your email and i will send you a video tutorial to edit the project.

Hi, It is the background transparent?

Yes, you can delete or hide the Background layer to make it transparent

Hi, how can I make the background holder for the text a different shape? My logo is a circle, so it’s much taller than the horizontal logo on your example. So with the black background, how do I make it bigger for the logo?

got the same problem. Rarly a logo is horizontal in my cases and I tried to change the size of the compositions with the logo – works, but the logo is cut above and below. Need this quick please

Hi there, I really like this file! However, I don’t see the text tagline holder text ( like it shows in your video, it’s only showing as the name of the layer, therefore I cannot edit the text, can you please help?