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Hi richfocus and thanks a lot for purchasing!

The error message probably depends on the missing of mp3 file. But it could depends also on the missing of some other file in the main folder. Make sure you extract all the contents of the zip file or try to replace the “Music.mp3” file in the “Project” panel (in AE) with your own audio track.

Let we know if you need some other help.

Thanks for your quick response!

I replaced the mp3 file and it solved the problem! Thank you!

It’s a little hard to get what you need without template modifications. The only partial-solution we can suggest to you is to delete the final white fade effect.

To do it you have to hide the “Mask” layer in the main composition. Take a look to this image:

Thank you so much! That really helped! :)

Glad to help you ;)

Very nice and easy to edit! Great price.

Question: I am able to easily edit the piece as it is, however, I would like to add my video (9 sec), and have the logo reveal begin at 03:00 sec. How can I achieve this? I set the start time to 03:00 but it still starts at 00:00.


Hi surgeonsausage and thanks for purchasing! Not sure we understood what you mean. Can you contact us via profile page ( and explain it specifically? Thanks!


HI 360design,

this is a great job… I already easely customize this , in almost everypoint.

but, i cant customize the way that logo is fading to white at the end of the movie…

I can explain in details…

You can see at what I do, customizing your work.. And as you can note, i change the background, and its goes very nice with the dark background, except at the end, when the entire movie is fading to white..

I realy need to know how to change this, becuse i need to keep this background all the time, and I need only the logo fade to 0.


Hi brenot and thank you so much for choosing us :) I saw the video you posted.. It looks really cool with the dark background, congrats!

To obtain what you need you can try to follow these simple steps:

Let we know if you solve or if you need more help.

Thanks again!


Hmm… why is there no 30fps version?

Hello aboster! Well, we used the standard video frame rate (25fps) for this template. But if you are a little able with After Effects, you can easily change compositions frame rate to 30fps :)

Videos for Youtube are typically recorded at 30fps and nowadays even frequently at 60fps. My videos are currently in 30 fps and it would be a bad idea to mix a 30 fps video with a 25 fps video when editing/rendering. So, the logo video has to be in 30 fps, but I am a total newbie in regards to After Effects. Can you provide a step-by-step instruction on how to change this to 30 fps or can you at least point me to a tutorial somewhere on the web that explains it clearly to someone who is an AE newbie?

Hello abooster! This template has no pre-renderd footages. So, if you change compositions frame rate in After Effects you will not have mixing fps problems. All you have to do is to open “Composition > Composition Settings..” and change the fps value. But you have to do this for each composition and sub-composition in the template.

Is there any way to slow this down a bit?

Hello Matthew! Yes it’s possible, but it requires a template edit. Please contact us with a private message from our profile page.

Does this work with CS5?

Sorry just saw that it does…

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, I’m looking for cooperation with the authors of VideoHive. If you want, you can use my music (with a watermark) in your videos. Just choose what you like. In turn, I will place a link to your work on my page (my page already has an example). If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good mood and good luck!

Thank you! We will consider you for our next works ;)

How do I freeze the frame and stop the blurring out at the end of the animation?

Hi, it’s a little bit hard to explain. Please, contact us via our Profile page. Thanks!

Thank you! :)

how do you extend the length of the video. i do not want the logo to fade at 5 seconds. need it to be 10 seconds long. but ti keeps fading then popping up the logo again after in change the composition length to 10 seconds. the fade needs turned off and cannot figure it out