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super cool Bank, well done GL :)

Thanks Nico :D

Cool work my friend!!! ;)

Thanks juanmita :D

Its nice. However, its not a customizable as I would like. Instead of using built in Motion shapes, a lot of the components are images. This makes it a lot more difficult to customize.

I cannot figure out how to slow down the animations/behaviors at all…

Hi, Sorry!! This item can’t setup for use shape from Motion because i setup for use shape from image therefore if you want to use from Motion you can export your shape from Motion , Psd or any software to still image and use it with this item.

Cool work! Nice idea=)

Thanks Eufaraday :D

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Looks great!Great Hive!))

Thanks BlackCrocodile :D

Can this be customized in Final Cut Pro X?

Sorry!! Apple motion only.

Is there help video, how to customized in Apple Motion?

Sorry No!!, but in the project included PDF file.

Hi, can I remove the circle behind the logo in all versions?

Yes, You can remove the circle shape or use your shape instead the circle shape.

Also, all the options that are seen in the video are included?

This item included 2 version (1.Logo slide to right or left , 2. Logo slide up.) and can use video or image instead to the background(all image and video in background of video preview not included in the project.)

I like the demo. Two questions: 1. Can a multicolor logo or photo image be used for a logo? 2. Can the small geometric shapes that pop out be replaced with other designs like hearts or stars etc?

I went ahead and purchased the template and like it but I am having issues editing the colors of the opening graphic drops. It seems the circle and triangle graphics on the logo reveal are locked. Is there a way to customize it so the colors can be adjusted?

Hi, Sorry!! This template don’t setup for change the graphic shape popup. And you can adjust the color of the circle drop in group “Control” > Inspector > Filters > Color1(Help page 17.)

Thank you for the response. I found the control module under the timeline section and the colors that can be edited. Great tool!