Discussion on Simple Infographics

Discussion on Simple Infographics

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Amazing! Keep It up!

Thank you! ;)

Can you plz help me.. If i copy and paste Call out to my composition and change the text.. after that i copy and paste another call out and change that text, it will change the first call out text aswel.. how i can take a way the linking between these call outs??


Sorry it was a vacation time, so please, next time use an email form on my main videohive page in order to get support faster, thank you!

When you duplicate a composition on timeline panel you make just a visual copy of composition and if you will change something in this composition – it will be changed in both.

You need to copy this composition on the “Project” panel and then add it to the timeline.

Or you can use script in order to easy copy of compositions inside After Effects called “True Comp Duplicator”.

I can record for you a simple video tutorial how to duplicate compositions in After Effects (just send me an email and let me know if you need it).

Please let m know if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Hi there!! I am willing to use this infographics package inside After Effects with the Motion Factory extension plugin so I don’t have to import the entire project with all the files and only use a certain infographic using Motion Factory. Is that posible with this version or should I purchase the MOGRT for Premiere Pro? I want to use After Effects and not Premiere for this.


Hey Ricardo,

Unfortunately you won’t able to add Simple Infographics to a Motion Factory extension in After Effects. We’re cooperating with Pixflow and Motion Factory for Premiere Pro only.

Sorry about that!

Let me know if you have any questions!


I watched the demo video and the master properties drop down isn’t appearing on any of the layers in my project? Do you know why?

Hello, what after effects version do you use?

Also, can you please send me a screenshot of the composition on the timeline where master properties aren’t appear.

Thanks, Denis

Great work

Thank you! ;)


You can find a full list of chart and elements on our website, here:

Hey, I can’t answer on your email because of your email box is full, please check it out!

Can I use data from csv file in Circle and Charts?

Hello, no unfortunately, you’ll need to insert a data manually.

CSV feature realized only in this template,

But, you can’t add your csv files, you’ll need to edit existing csv files. So, inserting data will be not in after effects directly, but in a csv file.