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Beautiful, stylish, what you need)

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Useful and cool project!

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Very big work! Well done!

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Amazing stuff dude, beautifully done!

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How can I scale objects or text without them layering over each other? Example, I am trying to make an entire object or text larger.. but then the text or object will over itself.


I figured it out!

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Hi, I just purchased this template yesterday, can you help me? I want to make a vertical chart with 24 lines, I have tried duplicating the 12 already set on the Twelve line composition, however Im not able to set the values for the duplicated lines, can you please let me know how to do so? Thanks.

Hi I think I got it. I just have to link the expression to another slider.

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Yes, the duplicated layers are linked to the old slider controls. So they are will be repeating the first 12 slider control values.

If you’ll duplicate slider controls and you’ll link duplicated shapes to new (duplicated) slider controls, so it will be work.

By the way, the duplicated layers has link expressions, so you can select all duplicated layers and press “e” two times, then you need just change numerals in the expressions. For example replace “Value Control 01” to “Value Control 13” and etc.

Anyway, please, contact me via email if you have any questions: aquavitaelabel@gmail.com

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Hi. What is the level of control over the colors if any? Can I change it all to another color – say black on white background? Can I change color of different bars?

It’s odd, becuase I tried that (by revealing the hidden layers, and moving “out” of the action bar). But it had no effect.

I don’t recall the video covering it, but I’ll check it again. Thanks

Oh…sorted it by using the “Update Pre-Comp” (y)


Can you please send me an email with name of chart which you’ve trying to customizing, and I’ll send you personal video tutorial?

(You don’t need revealing the hidden layers, and moving “out” of the action bar).

For example, you’re in the main composition and you need pie chart from the “Update Pre Comp.”. Open “Update Pre Comp” on the timeline (click two times). Now select the needed pie chart, copy (ctr +c) and now go to the timeline tab with your composition – ctr + v. Great, you’ve put the composition with needed chart to your composition, press “[” to move composition to the beginning of the composition.

Now you can see two marks “In” and “Out”, move “Out” and do not forget to make composition larger.

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I do not see the vertical/horizontal double bars with the YOU and OPPOSER options

[update] found it in the Update 01 Folder

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Great template but you forgot Japan on the world map !

Ahh, you are right. Thank you so much! Will update it soon!

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Updated! Please, re download this item again! Thanks.

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Good interesting work !! I like to listen to other works, that will be inspired)))

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Hi, i’m wondering what is basicaly the difference between “Simple Infographics” and your more recent work “Infographic Maker”. Thanks waiting your answer to buy one of them.


The Infographic Maker is second part of Simple Infographics, but Infographic Maker has some additional features in customization. For example bar thickness, distance between bars, bars amount . So in general, Infographic Maker more easy to customize. Simple Infographics also easy to edit, but in case with Simple Infographics will great if you know after effects basics and expressions basics before use it.

Whatever you choose you can asking questions about customization and I’ll trying to help you.

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I purchased this and after effects crashes when I try to open the project! Any solution?


Can you, please, send me screenshot of the ae crash on mail:


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Great attitude my friend! I wish you great success and progress and real happiness! :)

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very attractive work

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